Fleur Of Bonisagus: Sanctum and Laboratory

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A house long abandoned to ghosts on the shore of Mallorca, it stands in good repair despite centuries of apparent neglect. The gardens are in an aura of 1, with the interior f the house having an aura of 2. The upper floor leads to the region where her lab will be, which has an aura of three. The dust lies thick within the house, but the structure is well built and of stone to its core and foundation. Some claim it is of Roman construction, some say it is older than that, but mostly it is a place where young fools dare each other to see who will get closest to knocking on the front door.

Strong Aura 3
controlled regio 1
haunted -1
further regio -1
superior engineering 1
hidden resources x4 4


magical (superior) heating
magical (superior) lighting
Superior Construction
extensive stores
greater feature: Pallet
greater focus: Pallet
lesser expansion
greater feature: Altar
lesser guardian
highly organized

size:0 (3 with regio), General Quality:0, Upkeep:1, Safety:5, Warping:2, Health:+1, Aesthetics:8, texts:1, Creo:11, Ig:1, Im:1, Me:3

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