Florenzo Of Jerbiton

Florenzo of Jerbiton
Characteristics: Int +2, Per +1, Com +2, Pre +1, Str -1, Sta +0, Dex +1, Quik -1
Size: 0
Age: 50 (b. 1170, ap. 1185 (15) gt. 1200 (30)
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 0 (0)
Confidence: 1 (3)
Virtues: +0 Hermetic Magus, +3 Gentle Gift, +1 Educated, +1 Good Teacher, +1 Privileged Upbringing, +1 Puissant Profession-Scribe, +1 Skilled Parens, +1 Social Contacts-Hermetic Librarians, +1 Well Traveled
Flaws: -3 Ambitious, -3 Weak Spontaneous Magic, -1 Busybody, -1 Heir (of Carlus of Jerbiton), -1 Mentor (old Carlus of Barcelona), -1 Obsessed (with books),
Personality Traits: Brave +1, Nosy +1, Loyal +2, Bibliophile +2, Ambitious +3
Reputations: Strong Writer 2 (Hermetic), Respected Scholar 1 (local-Spanish scholars)
Soak: +
Fatigue: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, ko
Wounds: -1 Lt (1-5), -3 Med (6-10), -5 Hvy (11-15), Incap (16-20), Dead (21+)
Linguistics Summary: Spanish N 5 (Catalan), Arabic 4 (Andalusia), Greek 4 (classical), Latin 5 (academic); Artes Liberales 4 (rhetoric), Latin, Greek, & Arabic Alphabets
Abilities: Arabic 4 (Andalusia), Artes Liberales 4 (rhetoric), Charm 3 (being witty), Civil & Cannon Law 2 (usages of Barcelona), Concentration 3 (study), Etiquette 4 (Hermetic), Finesse 5 (grace), Folk Ken 3 (scholars), Code of Hermes 2 (Barcelona), Guile 3 (clever trickery), Iberia Area Lore 3 (Aragon/Catalonia), Intrigue 4 (gossip), N Langue D’Oc 5 (Catalan), Latin 5 (academic), Leadership 2 (inspiration), Magic Lore 3 (regiones), Magic Theory 6 (inventing spells), Medicine 2 (apothecary), Order of Hermes Lore 4 (activities of Jerbiton magi), Parma Magica 5 (Mentem), Penetration 2 (Intellego), Philosophiae 3 (natural philosophy), Profession-Scribe 4+2 (composition), Greek 4 (classical), Teaching 3 (academic abilities)
Arts: 11+
Cr 9, In 10, Mu 5, Pe 5, Re 9,
An 5, Aq 5, Au 5, Co 10, He 5,
Ig 5, Im 5, Me 10, Te 5, Vi 5
Twilight: 2 (15), from 15 years of Longevity
Magic Sigil: Letters
Symbolic Sigil: A quill
Equipment: stuff
Encumbrance: 0
Spells Known:
ReAn5 Binding the Mundane Codex
ReAn10 Sooth the Ferocious Bear
ReAn10 Hide To Parchment
InAq5 Test of Fastness and Fading
InAq5 Touch of the Pearls
MuAn15 The Plunder of Twenty Geese
PeAn3 The Scribe’s Touch
InCo5 The Physician’s Eye
MuCo15 Disguise of the New Visage
PeCo5 Touch of the Goose Feather
MuHe5 Pass of the Unyielding Portal
ReHe10 Repel the Wooden Shafts
CrIg3 Moonbeam
CrIg15 The Welcome Addition of False Sunlight
MuIm5 Taste of the Spices and Herbs
CrMe10 Words of Unbroken Silence
ImMe15 Perception of the Conflicting Motive
MuMe4 Recollection of Memories Never Quite Lives
ReTe5 Unseen Arm

Lab texts (other than spells):
CrCo20 Longevity Ritual

Background: Florenzo is the youngest of the three sons of Rodrigo, and the only one to inherit his Gentle Gift. His parens was an elder member of the covenant named Louis (now passed). Florenzo has studied at Cordoba, Bologna, and other universities. He began his academic education first, and did not begin his Hermetic studies until he was 15. He was gauntleted at 30. He has studied in Cordova, Barcelona, and Bologna. His obsession with books has been a great boon to the covenant of Andorra. He is a new member of Literatius in Barcelona now and is also a member of the Quill of the Eye League based there, a Jerbiton league dedicated to the literary arts. Nonetheless, he is always an honored guest at Andorra

For this character, I am demonstrating how to cheep out. I am just taking the easy way and developing him 40 xp’s per year, minus a number of seasons for Lab activities and etceteras. I am spending xp’s first, and doing lab work last. So, for 20 years development, taking a season out at year 5 to make a longevity potion, and then taking out 19 more seasons at the end to do stuff, that makes 15 years x 40xp for a total of 600. Plus 45 for early childhood, 10 years x 15xps (=150) for age until apprenticeship, +240 for base apprenticeship, +210 for his various Virtues; equals a Grand Total of 1245 experience points. For starting Arts and Spells, I made sure I could take any combination at 15, and CrCo at 20 so I could do a longevity potion. My first 150 levels of spells were all level 15 or less (Int +2, Aura 3+, Magic theory 4, All Techniques 5, All Forms 1, Corpus 6). I then spent the rest of the experience, then applied nineteen seasons in the lab as follows (I took 2xp per season exposure in Magic Theory or an appropriate Art each season)

ReAn5 Disguise of the Putrid Aroma
ReAn20 Binding the Hermetic Codex

InAu15 Whispering Winds

InAu20 Sailor’s Foretaste for Morrow

CrCo10 Bind Wound
CrCo20r The Chirurgeon’s Gentle Touch

The Severed Limb Made Whole

InCo10 Revealed Flaws of Mortal Flesh
InCo20 The Inexorable Search

InCo30 The Eyes of the Sage

ReCo5 Curse of the Unruly Tongue
ReCo5 Spasm of the Uncontrolled Hand
ReCo20 Incantation of Paralyzation

ReCo30 Seven League Stride

CrHe20 The Apple That Etches

CrHe25 Red Ribbons of Restriction

CrIg20 Pilium of Fire

InIm5 Prying Eyes
InIm20 Ear for the Distant Voice

CrMe20 Memory of the Distant Dream

InMe10 Sight of the Transparent Motive
InMe20 Posing the Silent Question

InMe5 Sense the State of Mind
InMe25 Thoughts Within Babble

InMe30 Peering Into the Mortal Mind

MuTe20 Ink of the Noblest Metals[i]

[i]InVi5 Scales of the Magical Weight
InVi5 Sense the Nature of Vis
InVi15 The Invisible Eye Revealed

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