Founded: 961
Status: Autumn

The domus magna of House Tytalus is the westernmost of Normandy’s covenants, but its influence spreads out like a web across the whole Tribunal. Fudarus is the former home of three of the Order’s most prominent members — Tytalus the Founder, his filia Pralix who was founder of House Ex Miscellanea, and the infamous Tasgillia who was corrupted by demons in the 10th century. Few non-Tytalan members of the Order have set foot within its halls, although many have succeeded in landing on the island that bears it. Fudarus has acquired a sinister reputation thanks to this secrecy and the nefarious schemes perpetrated by its members.

A quarter of a century ago, Buliste, the then-Prima of House Tytalus, was declared to have entered Final Twilight, and Harpax was chosen as her successor. However, Buliste returned from her Twilight a few years later, and the two magi have battled for the leadership of the House ever since. The majority of Tytali in Normandy have declared loyalty to either Buliste or Harpax, but have allowed the Primi to settle the issue between themselves without interference. As the two are equally matched in power, it could be a long time before either is declared the sole Primus of House Tytalus. Until this day comes, both Primi are afforded equal respect and leadership of the House, and the rulership of Fudarus.

Current Relations with Andorra

  • Unknown.
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