Gabriel 1239

Age: 12 (1239)
Size: -2


Int 0
Per -1
Str -2
Sta 0
Pre -1
Com -1
Dex -3
Qik -3


Inherited: Flawless Magic (Hermetic, major)
Shapeshifter (Supernatural, major)
Inoffensive to Animals (General/Hermetic, minor)
Animal Ken (Supernatural, minor)
Puissant in Shapechanging (General, minor)
Apt Student (General, minor)


Mistaken Identity (Story, major)
Optimistic (Personality, major)
Late Bloomer (Child, minor)
Sheltered Upbringing (Personality, minor)
Magical Animal Companion (Story, minor)
Uncertain Faith (General, minor)
The Gift (Hermetic, free)
Apprentice (Social Status, free)
(Note: I didn’t give him Feral Upbringing because he was raised by the lynx of virtue, who partially civilized him)


Animal Handling (horses) 2
Animal Ken (charm) 3
Area Lore: Catalonia (places) 2
Athletics (running) 2
Awareness (alertness) 2
Brawl (dodge) 2
Hunt (small game) 2
Occitan (conversation) 5
Shapeshifting (lynx) 4+2
Stealth (sneaking) 2
Survival (woodlands) 2
Swim (underwater maneuvering) 1

Shapeshifting Forms:

  • Lynx
  • Red squirrel
  • Merlin
  • Wall Lizard
  • Horse
  • Dolphin


Innocent +1
Optimistic +3
Curious +2

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