Gardaitis Dependants

Character Sheet

Johanna Coysset — early 20s, middle class by education and demeanor. Married to one Guinot, whom she believes to have perished in the siege of Vareilles.

Martin (6, male), Esquiva (5, female) — Johanna's children. "Irish Twins".

Beatriu de Rupe — late 20s, lower middle class by education and demeanor. Widowed for the last several years.

Constancia (11, female) — Beatriu's daughter.

They may be Cathars, or Catholics in the wrong place at the wrong time: I leave that up to the SG. Gardaitis never asked.

Beatriu claims to have no close relatives who would be willing to take her in. Johanna claims an uncle in Limoges and a cousin around La Rochelle. Getting them there safely is the problem, so they've accompanied Gardaitis to Andorra for now. He feels responsible for seeing them settled and safe… for now. We'll see where that goes.

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