Gellert, Tremere Artificer

The House recognizes the superior abilities of Verditius magi in the domain of magical crafting, and doesn't fear commissionning items from the enchanters.

Nonetheless, hiring Verditius magi has many drawbacks: They require a lot of vis for their services, are proud to a default (sometimes too much to manufacturate "simple toys", and are sometimes too focused on a particular craft.

So the house has developped a small cadre of artificers, which rely on teamwork to reach otherwise impressive lab totals. They create lab texts which are thereafter disseminated to individual magi.

Note: In the background, I assume that Tremere Artificers are mainly generalists who develop mostly their magic theory and leadership. When asked to create something, they compensate their lower arts and lack of focus by working in large teams: With an average Int + MT of just 7, 5 magi working together grant +28 to the lab total of the first one. They thus create lab texts that can be used by smaller teams, or even individual magi.

This is only possible due to the cooperative nature of the house, and for projects that are requested of them. On their free time, Tremere Artificers are much more akin to other magi, working alone in the lab, save when they use the house's ressource (HoH: TL p120).
So, any magic item created for the example magus will assume no help at first, and only, later, at more than 30 years post-gauntlet, the help of a young maga, akin to Gellert at Gauntlet, without Inventive Genius, giving +08 to lab totals.

What I should have done is assume, once per 10 years, a number of helpers equal to Gellert's leadership score, all 20 years younger but without Inventive Genius, to be used apart or together.

Only once easy growth in the arts is no longer possible, do Artificers tend to concentrate on arts, usually 2 techniques, in order to optimize their capacities.

Lineage Virtues: Affinity with Leadership, Affinity with Magic Theory, Puissant Leadership, Puissant Magic Theory, Inventive Genius
Lineage Flaws: Blatant Gift, Difficult Spontaneous Magic
Favored Arts and Skills: Magic Theory, Leadership

Tremere Artificer +00
Tremere Artificer +10
Tremere Artificer +20
Tremere Artificer +30
Tremere Artificer +40
Tremere Artificer +50
Tremere Artificer +60

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