Gerardo Della Fontebianca

Gerardo della FonteBianca was born out in as a sheperd' son in the commonality of Siena in 1189, until the age of 8, he over watched sheeps and in the meanwhile sculpted wooden statues and tools; his skills were raw and untrained, but they were sufficient to be noticed by a passing Florentine noble who appreciated his work and brought him to Florence, where the first studioes were developed. The artistic studio led by Mastro Vicentino taught to the new students various skills, like forging statues of various materials, painting and carving. There he developed his skills in carving and picked up painting skills. Quickly enough the curious boy learned that several people spoke about neoplatonism and other mysterious concept, and he observed that intellectuals and artists exchanged points of view. He also noticed that his patron was rather keen toward a certain group of person, who were accurately avoided by the rest of the city.

Soon these odd persons came for him, realising he was a fellow mage, and he was presented Mastro Kalomelan, who was a senior statue forger and a very avid and brilliant Verditius, and was very keen on taking on the new apprentice, having recognised his talents. Passed the fifteen years, the 23 years old Geraldo passed his Gauntlet and was allowed to choose a new name. As he was fond of the beauty of the Greek statue, he called himself Kaloforo, bringer of beauty. It was 1202, and the situation between Siena, Florence and the Heiglische Reich was becoming more and more tense. Kaloforo went to see his father and he wasn’t that fond to see the son of him to deal with Florentine people. Urged therefore to leave the native county, as he would not be welcomed back, Kaloforo followed his pater Mastro Kalomelan in Germany, where they settled in Mainz, working mainly as statue artists, and acquiring a certain wealth; for the discerning they would prepare some “specific” statue. The agreement the two had was more employer/employee and the young Kaloforo was with years passing becoming sicker and sicker of being on the wrong side of the stick. He therefore took several time and took a precise look at the Peripheral code to find the loopholes he needed to stop being the forge companion of his pater, finding them easily, he was able to get what he needed from him. When he heard of the possibility to go to Spain to study the works of the Arabic, he immediately took the chanche to get away from his uh so excellent pater (read rapacious).

His sigil is a pastoral sound of a chimney, but during an odd accident using vis in Mainz the sound developed into including olfactive ovine smells, the stronger the spell the stronger the smell (as per warped magic) and sound of sheeps. (much to is chagrin…). his hubris is devoloping into dealing with everything in secrecy, and in mystery, as in less is said the better it is. This copes disturbingly to his logical attitude, stricteness and sens of organisation which allows him to be very precise in detailing schemes and plans.

Age 33 Male Human/Senese, Catholic, Mastro, 1,55m, 62Kg, right handed, Black hairs, brown hairs,

Age 35

Verditius Great House Verdi
In+3(Logical) Str+1 (big hands) Pr:-1(uninspiring) Des:+1(precise)
Per0 Sta+1 (long winded) Com:0 Vel:-2 (slow)
Warping Score 3(30)+
Character traits

Strict +3 Keep to his mouth+1
Relaxed+1 Honest -1
Composed+1 Schemer -1
Organised +3

Verditius Magic (F)
Hermetic Mage (F)
Skilled Parens
Adept Lab Student
Long Winded
Inventive Genius
Free Study
Slow caster
Personal Vis Source (Herbam)
Affinity w Intellego
Affinity w Craft Statue
Grudge (toward the parens)
Driven(M)(outdo the parens)
Close family ties (to the Artistic studio in Florence)
*Averse to Risk
Limited Magic Resistance to Vim
*Necessary condition open flame
+Warped Magica

*Enchant Casting Tools (pag.123/124 HoH MC)
Reforging Enchanted Item (pag.125/127 HoH MC)
*Automata (128/131 HoH/MC)
+due to warping(Bells and ovine smell)

Florentine(Village) 5
Profession: Shepherd 3(15)
Siena Lore (Countryside) 2
Athletics(Running) 1
Stealth (Countryside) 2(10)
Awareness (Wolves) 2
Craft Statue (wood) 6(50+36)
Craft Painter (sketch) 2(15)

Artes Liberales (logic) 1
Latin(artist) 4
Magic Theory(magic items) 4(+20)
Parma Magica(Intellego) 1

Philosophy (Neoplatonism) 2(15)
Organisation Art Guild(statue) 1(5)
Leadership(artistic field) 1(5)
Appraise (wood) 1(5)
Florence(Noble quarter) 1(5)
Verditius Mystery Cults 3(45)
Hermes Code 4(50)
Hubris 1(5)

Creo 01/01
Intellego* 12/55
Muto 04/10(+20)
Rego 08/40
Perdo 01/0

Au 0
Aq 0
Te 2/3
Ig 3/6
Vi 8/36
An 1/1
He 10/65
Im 9/51
Me 4 /10
Co 2/3

Whispering Wind (InAu 15)
The Inexorable Search (InCo 20)
Probe Nature Hidden Lore (InHe 5)
Converse with Plant and Trees (InHe25) S tot 65
Coils of entangling plants (ReHe20)
Repel the Wooden Shaft (ReHe10) (S tot 30)
Twist of the Wooden form (ReHe 25) (as Twist of the living tree, it differs as it is applied to dead wood)
Taumathurgical trasformation of the wood in iron(MuHe20)S tot 110
Scales of Magical Weight (InVi 5)
Sense the Nature of the Vis (InVi5)
Gather the Essence of the Vis (ReVi 15) S Tot 125
Mantaining the Demanding Spell (ReVi 25) Total 150+30 (skilled parens)
formulaic: Te+Fo+1+x+d
ritual: Te+Fo+1+1+2+x+d
Spontaneous: (Te+Fo+1+x+d)/2; (Fo+Te+1+x)/5

Fast casting -2+0
Determining +0+1
Targetting +0+0
Concentration +1+0
Fast Casting not attempted

Lab Total:
*(+6 with lab texts, +3 when studying from raw vis, +3/+6 inventing spells, potions, magic item/experimenting)
Longevity Ritual: 1+8.

He came and went and his visit was brief and uneventful.

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