Gifted Mercere

Know Gifted Mercere magi include:

Current Gifted Mercere Magi

  • Decimus Scribonious Lepidus filius Honoria (Mercurian),formerly from Andorra, now lives in Valencia with his wife Lejla
  • Elegans
  • Erica filia Insatella, a young maga, recently gauntleted
  • Guillermo, from Blackthorn. Past Master of Andorra, he originally comes from Doissetep.
  • Honoria (Mercurian), mater to Decimus.
  • Lucas filius Talbot (Mutantes), current representative of House Mercere in Andorra
  • Mercuria filia Ophilio (Mercurian), from Doisettep. Former Mistress of Andorra. She's also a Quaesitor
  • Ophilio (Mercurian), pater of Mercuria
  • Talbot (Mutantes), Mutantes magus, Lucas's pater, and current Primus of the House Mercere (?)
  • Velox

ten unnamed magi.

Former Magi

  • Insatella (Primus), died by apparent suicide in 1242
  • Rodrigo Vasquez, disappeared (actually, he transformed into a genie bound to a sword, but that is not widely known).
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