Grog Alchemist Tremere

Magic is a powerful tool, but, even for House Tremere, it's availability is limited, it can be traced back to the caster, and, more importantly, it can be resisted.

Following the Schism war, the house thus decided to train skilled alchemists, able to craft reagents that may be issued to the house's agents, or used by its magi.
Often able to create Enriched Items, these learned men and women are invaluable to the non-gifted servants of the house.

Suggested Virtues: Affinity with Philosophiae, Affinity with Magic Lore, Arcane Lore, Baccalaureus, Cautious with Magic Lore, Custos, Educated, Great Intelligence, Puissant Philosophiae, Puissant Magic Lore.
Suggested Flaws: Incomprehensible, Failed Monk/Nun, Monstruous Blood
Important Skills: Philosophiae, Latin, Magic Lore, Teaching

They are otherwise similar to the house's Mundane Astrologers, substituting Philosophiae for Artes Liberales, and Alchemical Reagents for Inceptions.

Reagents at 18 years:
- Cement
- Chromatic Flames
- Smoke Oil
- Elemental Flame (As greek fire, but a little less than 1 pace wide. This is thrown on enemy magi)
- Soft Stone (Reverse of Cement, this cause stone to become as soft as packed clay)

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