Tremere Grog Astrologer

In order to inform its strategists and leaders, the house doesn't rely solely on its cadre of Diviners: These are, after all, in limited supply, may be unavailable, and are sometimes unable to get what is sought.

To compensate for this perceived weakness, it recruits and form mundane astrologers, which use Inceptions to answer specific questions, and can also chart horoscopes for magi, or perform Ligatures on their behalf. While not as efficient in many ways than the house magi, they are, despite their intensive training, easier and cheaper to form, more numerous, and can be attached to junior magi on relatively minor missions.
As Loremasters, they are also expected to Enrich Items, and usually double as specialized teachers.

Suggested Virtues: Affinity with Artes Liberales, Affinity with Magic Lore, Arcane Lore, Baccalaureus, Cautious with Magic Lore, Custos, Educated, Great Intelligence, Puissant Artes Liberales, Puissant Magic Lore.
Suggested Flaws: Incomprehensible, Failed Monk/Nun, Monstruous Blood
Important Skills: Artes Liberales, Latin, Magic Lore, Teaching

Tremere Grog Astrologer, 18 years old
Tremere Grog Astrologer, 34 years old (+15 years)

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