Tremere Loremaster (Grog)

Loremasters and Mistresses are the brains of the Tremere's mundane forces, and an important component of the house's intelligence abilities.

They study a given subject extensively, acting as a living database for their Hermetic protectors.
When possible, they apply their knowledge directly, enriching items or placating Faeries.

However, this comes at a price. Being privy to so much secrets, they are heavily sheltered and protected, sometimes subjected to powerful magics. And even death may not be the end of their service: There are rumors of bound ghosts holding the secrets to ancient regios, or knowledge of lost hedge magics.

Suggested Virtues: Custos, Educated
Suggested Flaws: Covenant Upbringing
Suggested Abilities: Divine/Faerie/Infernal/Magic Lore, Order of Hermes Lore, any Area Lore.

Tremere Loremistress, 20 years
Tremere Loremistress, 30 years

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