Guiverna Ex Miscellanea

Ève Guiverna filia Luce ex Miscellanea Colubra is a tall, impossibly well-endowed maga with long auburn hair and hazel (almost golden) eyes. She normally dresses in various shades of green.

She was born shortly after Christmas in 1202 in the town of Carcassonne (in south-eastern France). The youngest of six children (with two brothers and three sisters), she was abused and neglected for most of her life growing up. It wasn't until she was found and rescued by Luce Nibelung that she found out why: she was blessed with The Gift, and for whatever reason people reacted to her Gift much more strongly than normal.

Luce apprenticed Ève and took her to the covenant of Beauxbâtons, in Provence, where she would live and learn for the next 22 years. In her early years of apprenticeship, while Ève was learning how to recognize and gather the ingredients for her poisons and the antidotes, she found Semsuhfaw, a magical serpent who would fast become her best friend.

Luce's failings were greed and envy…and once Ève became a woman, Luce became quite jealous of not only Ève's physique but of the incredible amount of attention that her apprentice was now getting from the men of the covenant.

Ève passed her Gauntlet on 12 August, 1227, taking the Hermetic name of Guiverna, and her petition to stay on at Beauxbâtons was granted. In August of 1234, she was experimenting on a spell she was inventing to transform her saliva into a potent venom for a short while when her activity drew the attention of the ancient god Set. His visit not only resulted in the near-death of Nicolas Jerbitonis, the head of Beauxbâtons, but substantial damage to much of the covenant. Shortly after she finished her work, Guiverna was asked to move elsewhere. Fortunately, she very quickly met Vulcanus Flambonis and found a new home in Bellaquin.

In Summer of 1236, Guiverna was implicated in Vulcanus's plot to manipulate the minds and emotions of the magi of both Bellaquin and Andorra, and her probationary membership was revoked by Vagravian, resulting in her becoming homeless again. She immediately applied for membership to Andorra's charter house at Sa Dragonera.

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