Guiverna's Laboratory

Description and Setting

Guiverna's laboratory is situated in a large marble single-story building half a stone's throw from her house in her Quarter.


The laboratory structure is oriented not quite east-west, with the main entrance facing west-ish. The main door is a large archway, with a pair of statues mirroring each other on either side of the door, depicting a life-size woman standing with a looped cross in her outside hand (similar to the picture at left).

The doors themselves are heavy wood, with brass ring handles, which are engineered so that they take little effort to pull open or closed, despite their obvious bulk. Her Sanctum Marker is carved onto the archway.

The laboratory itself is clean and well-organized. The air is a little cooler than one might expect, and the room is rather well-lit. One large window adorns the eastern wall, with a view of the obelisk. One section of the room is dedicated to a pallet (Lesser Feature), surrounded by equipment apparently dedicated to advancing her knowledge of Corpus.

All of the tools and equipment are obviously well-made.


Location: Guiverna's Quarter
Size (Occupied Size): +3(3)
1000 sq ft (92.9 sq metres)
Refinement: +0
General Quality: +1
Upkeep: +4
Safety: -1
Warping: +1
Health: +0
Aesthetics: +7


Dedicated Building (Free Structure): Aesthetics +1, Upkeep +1; Rego +1.
Gateway (Minor Supernatural): Aesthetics +1, Safety -1; Rego +1.
Grand Entrance (Free Structure): Aesthetics +2.
Lesser Feature: Pallet (Minor Structure): Aesthetics +1; Corpus +1.
Regio (Free Supernatural): Size +3, Warping +1.
Superior Construction (Free Structure): Aesthetics +1, Safety +1.
Superior Equipment (Free Outfittings): General Quality +1, Safety +1, Upkeep +2; Extracting Vis +1.
Superior Tools (Free Outfittings): Safety +1, Upkeep +1; Enchanting Items +1.
Well Insulated (Minor Structure): Aesthetics +1, Safety +1.


Thoroughfare (Free Supernatural): Safety -1.


Corpus: +1
Enchanting Items +1
Extracting Vis +1
Rego +2

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