Holy Man of God

This is a template for a Mythic Companion.

The Holy Man of God is a man (or woman) devoted to serving God in all he does. He may be a Christian priest, a Jewish rabbi, a Moslem imam, or even just a holy hermit who lives a pure life. He stands forth n the community as an exemplar of what a devout person should be.

Required Virtues

  • Immunity to the Gift
  • Mendicant Friar, Priest, Wise One, or any similarly appropriate Social Status Virtue
  • Minor Vow (varies with tradition)
  • Sense Holiness and Unholiness
  • Temperate
  • True Faith

A Holy Man of God must take four points of Flaws to pay for these Virtues, and may take an additional six points of Flaws, which grant a further twelve points of Virtues.

Minimum Ability Scores
Dominion Lore 3
Sense Holiness and Unholiness 3
Theology 3

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