Founded: 1073
Status: Summer/Autumn

Saxon magi, displaced by the Norman invasion of England, founded the covenant of Horsingas in 1073. Their original purpose was to regain the throne of England for Edgar Atheling, the Saxon heir-apparent dispossessed in 1066, but with his death, the covenant lost heart. Instead, they set out to make the borderlands uninhabitable for the Normans. To this end they have raided south across Hadrian’s Wall, as well as attacking the Norman keeps that have sprung up in the Lowlands.

Horsingas is close to being declared a renegade covenant, because the members ignore the strictures of the Order of Hermes against interfering in mundane affairs. However, they have the only quaesitor in the tribunal, Whitburh, as a member. Though she does not generally participate in raids, she turns a blind eye to the activities of the more hot-headed members of the covenant. Until a quaesitor from Stonehenge or some other tribunal brings the matter up, the covenant will most likely be able to escape retribution from the Order.

The covenant is located in the Cheviot hills along the Tyne river, about eight miles north of Hadrian’s Wall. The main area of the covenant is a series of deep caves, excavated by a now-dead Terram specialist. The covenant is not likely to expand the caves any time soon, since no one in the covenant is particularly skilled with Terram magic. The covenant is surrounded by low hills, suitable for spying on the surrounding terrain, though none a prime location for a castle. In addition, the magi have placed numerous spells: some to sound alarms, others to mislead anyone who is not a member of the covenant. The covenant has about 50 grogs, known as weardmenn (weardmen, Saxon for “guard”). The covenant has quite a large stable, and the covenant is able to mount all the magi and some of the weardmenn on their raids.

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