A Tremere Grimoire


Rego Ignem

Lvl 10 - Shield of the Night's Queen

This spells deflects harmlessly any one flame it is cast upon, spraying it around as if it had been blocked by an invisible shield. Note that this only deflects one flame, so, if trying to deflect a multicast Pilum of Fire, you'll need as many castings of this spells as well.
This uses the Wards clarifications outlined before.
Rego Ignem base 04, +2 voice


Creo Ignem

Lvl 30 - Conjuring the Distant Fire

Engulfs the target of the spell with a fire doing +15 damage. This is one of several spells developed for use in Wizard's War and assassination.
Creo Ignem base 10, +4 Arcane Connection

Rego Herbam

Lvl 05 - Guide the Deadly Shaft

Cast at the same time as an archer fires an arrow, or a ballista a bolt, this spell briefly adjust its course toward its target, giving it +03 to attack. If a finesse roll of 09 is failed, the maga fails to relinquish control in time, making the shaft subject to Magic Resistance.
Rego Herbam base 03, +2 voice


Rego Corpus

Lvl 15 - Angel Step

Allows the caster to walk on air as if on solid ground, although she needs to concentrate in order to change directions.
Rego Corpus base 5, +2 Sun


Creo Auram

Lvl 10 - Obfuscate the Battlefield

This spell creates a thick fog around the designated point, which obscures vision, blocking sight in a radius of about fifty paces around the point of origin.
Creo Auram base 2, +1 Diam, +2 Voice, +1 extra size

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