A Tremere Grimoire



Rego Herbam

Lvl 05 - Guide the Deadly Shaft

Cast at the same time as an archer fires an arrow, or a ballista a bolt, this spell briefly adjust its course toward its target, giving it +03 to attack. If a finesse roll of 09 is failed, the maga fails to relinquish control in time, making the shaft subject to Magic Resistance.
Rego Herbam base 03, +2 voice


Rego Corpus

Lvl 15 - Angel Step

Allows the caster to walk on air as if on solid ground, although she needs to concentrate in order to change directions.
Rego Corpus base 5, +2 Sun


Creo Auram

Lvl 10 - Obfuscate the Battlefield

This spell creates a thick fog around the designated point, which obscures vision, blocking sight in a radius of about fifty paces around the point of origin.
Creo Auram base 2, +1 Diam, +2 Voice, +1 extra size

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