Isaac Filius Jonathan Of Flambeau


Int +2, Per +1, Com -1, Pre +1, Str +1, Sta +1, Dex +1, Quik +2
Size: 0
Age: 45 (apprenticed 10, gauntlet 25, Longevity since 35 (CrCo25)
Decrepitude: 0
Warping: 3 (34)
Confidence: 2 (5)

Virtues and Flaws:

+0 Gifted Hermetic Magus, +F Warrior (School of Ramius), +3 Flawless Magic, +1 Apt Student, +1 Fast Caster, +1 Improved Characteristics, +1 Puissant Parma Magica, +1 Puissant Single Weapon, +1 Skilled Mentor, +1 Self Confident
-3 Optimistic, -3 Short Ranged Magic, -1 Dutybound, -1 Infamous Mentor, -1 Mentor (Pietro of Flambeau), -1 Unimaginative Learner

Acquired Virtues & Flaws:

Twilight: +3 Major Magic Focus in Protective Magic; -3 Weak Magic Resistance (when not holding a shield or wearing something symbolic resembling a shield)

Personality Traits: Loyal +3, Upbeat +3, Dutiful +2, Brave +2
Reputations: House Flambeau Acclaim 2 (innovative)


Dodge: Init +2, Atk n/a, Def +6*, Dmg n/a
Fistfight: Init +2, Atk +6, Def +7*, Dmg +1

  • when using Talisman Shield while Dodging or in a Fistfight, add +7 to Defense (+8 if enchantment is active)

Long Sword: Init +4, Atk +8, Def +9, Dmg +7
Long Sword & Shield: Init +4, Atk +9, Def +17/+18, Dmg +7

Soak: +9 (+1 Sta, +2 armour, +3 enchantment, +3 GoBF);
@+15 from various Wards (Heat & Flames, Cold & Frost, Thunder & Lightning, Metal and Wooden Weapons)
Fatigue: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, ko
Wounds: -1 Lt (1-5), -3 Med (6-10), -5 Hvy (11-15), Incap (16-20), Dead (21+)


German 5 (Alpine), Alpine Lore 2 (magi), Artes Liberales 2 (Ceremony), Athletics 2 (climb), Awareness 2 (danger), Brawl 4 (fistfight), Code of Hermes 1 (rules), Concentration 3 (spells), Etiquette 1 (magi), Finesse 4 (speed), Folk Ken 2 (motives), Guile 2 (straight face), Hunt 2 (track), Intrigue 2 (alliances), Latin 4 (Hermetic), Leadership 2 (combat), Magic Lore 2 (beasts), Magic Theory 6 (spells), Order of Hermes Lore 2 (Flambeau), Parma Magica 4+2 (Corpus), Penetration 3 (Creo), Profession-Scribe 1 (copy), Single Weapon 4+2 (with shield), Stealth 2 (hide), Strategy 2 (logistics), Survival 1 (mountains)


Creo 7, Intéllego 5, Muto 8, Perdo 8, Rego 11
Animal 7, Aquam 3, Auram 6, Corpus 8, Herbam 7
Ignem 6, Imaginem 4, Mentem 5, Terram 7, Vim 11

Spells Known:

MuAn15 Doublet of Impenetrable Silk: Mastered 3 (Lab, Flex-Moon, Ceremonial)
CrAu20 Circling Winds of Protection: Mastery 1 (Imperturbable)
CrAu20 Fist of Jupiter: Mastered 2 (Fast Cast, Amplify)
ReAu25 Ward against Thunder & Lightning: Mastered 1 (Stalwart)
CrCo10 Bind Wound: Mastery 1 (Fast Cast)
CrCo20 Purification of the Festering Wounds: Mastery 1 (Ceremonial)
CrCo30r Gentle Caress of Asclepius: Mastery 1 (Stalwart)
MuCo25 Gift of Bear’s Fortitude: Mastered 1 (Stalwart)
MuCo30 Cloak of Black Feathers: Mastery 1 (Stalwart)
ReCo15 Endurance of the Berserkers: Mastered 2 (Imperturbable, Fast Cast)
ReCo15 Wizard’s Leap: Mastered 2 (Fast Cast, Stalwart)
ReCo15 Touch of Paralyzation: Mastered 2 (Flex-Diam, Fast Cast)
ReCo30 Seven League Stride: Mastery 1 (Fast Cast)
CrHe10 Conjure the Defending Shield: Mastery 1 (Fast Cast)
(Base 3, +1 Touch, +1 Diam, +1 requisites)
InHe15 Shriek of the Impending Shafts: Mastered 1 (Stalwart)
MuHe15 Aegis of Unbreakable Wood: Mastered 3 (Lab, Flex-Moon, Ceremonial)
ReHe25 Ward against Wood (+15 Soak): Mastery 1 (Stalwart)
CrIg5 Palm of Flame: Mastered 2 (Imperturbable, Fast Cast)
CrIg20 Sword of the Avenger: Mastery 2 (Imperturbable, Simulcast)
CrIg20 Wrath of Reculed: Mastered 2 (Amplify, Penetration)
InVi20 Vision of Heat’s Light: Mastery 1 (Fast Cast)
ReIg25 Ward against Heat & Flames: Mastery 1 (Fast Cast)
ReIg25 Ward against Cold & Frost: Mastery 1 (Flex-Moon)
PeIm15 Cloak of Invisibility: Mastered 3 (Imperturbable, Flex-Diameter, Quiet)
(as VoI, but with a Duration of Concentration)
ReMe15 Confusion of the Numbed Will Mastered 2 (Fast Cast, Multi Cast)
CrTe15 Sword from the Unseen Scabbard: Mastery 2 (Fast Cast, Simulcast)
InTe15 Howl of the Steel Weapons: Mastered 1 (Fast Cast)
PeTe30 Hauberk of Sublime Lightness: Mastery 2 (Lab, Stalwart)
ReTe10 Trackless Step: Mastered 1 (Imperturbable)
ReTe25 Ward against Weapons: Mastered 1 (Fast Cast)
PeVi5 Demon’s Eternal Oblivion: Mastery 2 (Stalwart, Flex-Touch)
PeVi10 Sapping the Spirit of Magic: Mastery 2 (Flex-Touch, Multi Cast)
ReVi15 Charm against Demons (Touch/Sun): Mastered 1 (Ceremonial)
ReVi20 Circular Ward against Demons: Mastery 1 (Ceremonial)
ReVi20 Maintain the Demanding Spell: Mastery 3 (Imperturbable, Lab, Fast Cast)

Magic Items:

Hauberk of Impenetrable Lightness: Lesser Enchanted Item

MuAn(Te)25 Hauberk of Impenetrable Leather:3 pawns
R: Item, D: Item Concentrates, T: Ind, Use: Unlimited
This is a hauberk of metal reinforced leather that normally has a Protection bonus of +2, but when the enchantment is active the bonus is +5. The effect is non continuous to avoid warping and to be able to deactivate it in the face of magic resistance..
(Base 4, +1 Terram, +1 Conc); +5 levels Item Maintains, +10 levels Unlimited Use

Aegis of Isaac: Talisman

Potential 19, Opened 8, Used 6
Attunements: +5 Protection,
Combat Scores: Init 0, Atk 0, Def +7/+8, Dmg 0, Str 0, Load 2
MuHe20 Aegis of Unbreakable Wood: 2 pawns
R: Item, D: Item Concentrates, T: Ind, Use: Unlimited
Adds +1 Defense
(Base 4, +1 Conc); +5 levels Item Maintains Conc, +10 levels Unlimited Use

ReVi35 Maintain the Demanding Spell: 4 pawns
R: Touch, D: Item Maintains Concentration, T: Ind, Use: 12x/day
Maintains concentration on spells level 25 or lower.
(Base 10, +1 Touch, +1 Conc), +5 levels Item Maintains, +4 levels 12 uses/day, +3 levels Environmental Trigger (when appropriate spell is cast), +3 levels Restricted use (self)

Twilight Scars & Effects:

Comprehended Twilight 10 points, Gained Major Magic Focus in Protective Magic, Scar is that his skin seem hardened
Failed to Comprehend Twilight: 14 points, Gained Weak Magic Resistance (when not holding a shield), Scar is that he looks weakened and sick.

Magic Sigil: A Shield
Symbolic Sigil:
Equipment: Talisman Round Shield. Enchanted Hauberk, regular long sword (often conjured),
Encumbrance: 0


Isaac was the only filius of the heroic Jonathan of Flambeau, one of the magi that survived the fiery disaster at White Lady, and the one who saved the day. Jonathan came under the wing of Pietro, and when he took Isaac as an apprentice, Pietro became his mentor as well. Jonathan died during a dangerous adventure that saved many people, and Isaac earned his battlefield gauntlet by finishing the mission. The final three years of his training were under Pietro.

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