Kallista Ex Merinita

Flaws or “The Good Stuff”:
Major Story : Dependent ( Daphne age 4)
………Currently owes a favor for having the Mercerian fertility ritual
………cast to increase the likelyhood of a gifted child
Major Hermetic : Magic Addiction
Major Hermetic : Study Requirement
Minor Story : True Love (Ardonis age 31)

Note: because of her age and having a child by Ardonis, she no longer has Faerie upbringing and Lecherous. It is important to note that while she has overcome these flaws, they are part of her history and personality. She just doesn't suffer from the Flaws, ie I'll roleplay it.

0: The Gift
0: Hermetic Maga
0: Fairy Magic
Major Supernatural: Strong Faerie Blood (Naiad)
……..Confers second sight
……..Aging -3 and starts at 50
……..+2 Com and Pres vs sexually Compatible people (a la Satyr)
……..-1 Com and Pres vs Sexually Incompatible people (a la Envied Beauty)
Blue Faerie Eyes: see in low light
Blood is clear like water … very dangerous

Major Hermetic: Gentle Gift
Minor Supernatural: Enchanting music
Minor General: Puissant (Enchanting Music)
Minor general: Free Expression
Minor general: Venus Blessing

Soak: 1
Initiative : +1 fist or spell

Personality Traits
Compassionate: +2
Ingratiating: +1
Vengeful: +1
Proud(of all things Greek)

Com: 3
Pres: 2
Dex: 1
Quick: 1
Str: -3
Stam: 1

Childhood 45xp: until age 5
Adolescence 75 xp: until age 10
Apprenticeship 240 xp: until age 25
Post Gauntlet 7 years 240 xp + 2 initiations with no flaws <- does that add up, average 10 a season?

Age 32

Minor mystery: Performance Magic
Minor Folk Mystery: Charm Magic

Athletics: 1 (Grace)
Artes Liberales: 2 (Ceremonial Casting – by invoking mythic figures and stories)
Awareness: 1 (keeping an eye on Daphne)
Brawl: 1 (dodging)
Carouse: 1 (getting others to get drunk)
Charm: 1 (first impressions)
Concentration: 2 (music)
Etiquette: 1 (faeries)
Folk Ken: 2 (reading an audience)
Guile: 2 (feigning emotion)
Intrigue: 1 (gossip)
Leadership: 1(inspiration)
Music: 4(Singing) ; instruments known :singing, pan pipes, Lyre, mandolin?
Philosophiae: 2 (Ceremonial casting- by using astronomy to find auspicious days)
Survival: 1 (forests)
Finesse: 2 (Imaginem)
Magic lore: 1 (creatures)
Magic Theory: 3 (magic items)
Faerie Magic: 4(charms)
Faerie Lore: 3 (types of faeries)
Parma Magica : 2 (corpus)
Second Sight: 3 (faeries)
Code of Hermes: 1 (apprentices)
Enchanting Music: 4; with Puissant: (6) (sorrow)
Penetration: 1 (Rego)
House Marinita Lore: 1 (Modifying initiation script)
Profession Scribe: 1 (copying)
Teaching : 1 (?)
Greek: 5 (extensive vocabulary)
Latin: 4 (hermetic vernacular)
Spanish : 2 (Castilian)

Wizard's Sigil:
Warm moisture, mist or dew.

Creo: 5 … Rego: 5 … Muto: 5 … Perdo: 2 … Intellego: 5

Animal: 2 … Aquam: 5 … Aurum: 2 … Corpus: 3… Imaginem: 7
Ignem: 3 … Herbam: 2 … Mentum: 5 … Terrem: 2 … Vim: 5

15 Wizard's Communion
Rego Vim (+11)

*10 Resound the Nature of Vis
As Sense the Nature of Vis except Voice range.
Intellego Vim (+11)

10 Aura of Ennobled Presence
Muto Imaginem (+13)

*15 Walk the Road Not Taken
As prying eyes: range Road
Intellego Imaginem (+13)

*15 Notes of the Delightful Sound
Target increased to Structure to accommodate the size of an amphitheater
Muto Imaginem(+13)

20 Phantasmal Fire
Creo Imaginem, Ignem req

15 Disguise of the Transformed Image
Muto Imaginem (+13)

5 Spasms of the Uncontrolled Hand
Rego Corpus (+9)

5 Curse of the unruly Tongue
Rego Corpus (+9)

10 Words of the Unbroken Silence
Creo Mentem (+11)

10 Phantasm of the Talking Head
Creo Imaginem (+13)

*modified spells


1 chest of props and costumes. Goat leggins and horns for a Satyr play, a tin crown, tin faerie wand etc. Vis in some non discript rocks at the bottom of the chest.

1 chest of Kallista's, Daphne's, and Ardonis cloths, silks for formal wear and important shows. Daily clothes not so luxurious. All classic greek style for Kallista, modern Byzantium style for Ardonis.

1 chest various personal effects, writing utensils, one or two academic books, Ardonis's composition journal.

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