Kasirga, the Sand and the Storm

A black woman, clearly possessing supernatural powers: her white hair crackle with lightning, and she is surrounded by dusty winds at all times.

Whether she is human or not remains to be seen.

She arrived at Riad's village, claiming ownership of the whole island.

Supposedly, "some time ago", King Triton asked for her help against "invaders". In return for it, she was promised the island, to make it part of her dominion.

Quite temperamental, she seems to abhor a disdain with life. Still, she was willing to let the villagers live, provided they vacated the place.

Kasirga told the truth.
What she doesn't realize is that her understanding of time is quite different from that of humans, especially if one wanders outside of Mythic Europe.
So while, in her opinion, not much time has elapsed since the island was given to her, it's been 2-3 centuries, long enough for humans to settle on the island.
Why didn't King Triton interfere? Maybe he didn't know, maybe he didn't care, maybe he was trying to screw Kasirga and/or use the humans while they were here.

Soteira recognized the right of Kasirga to the island. But she was also sympathetic to the humans who'd been living here for generations, and didn't know what to do.

So, when Roberto had to undertake a Trial of Wisdom, she sought to kill 2 birds with one stone: Confident in her lover's ability to make the right choice for everyone, she pushed for him to be send over as Herakleion's envoy, hoping he'd be able to negotiate a settlement with Kasirga.

Sadly, Kasirga and Roberto respective tempers made this a recipe for Failure.
Kasirga was proud, accustomed to respect, a queen expecting "The Sea" (as she calls both herakleion's inhabitants or its ruler, past or present) to be true to its word.
Roberto was, well, Roberto.

Things were aggravated by the fact that Roberto was sent blind. Neither Coral not Llyron, who accompanied him to the island, told him anything about the situation he was about to face.
Despite being on opposite sides regarding humans, both had reasons to want Roberto's failure: Coral wanted to get rid to any tie to the outside world (and that island was the biggest), whereas Llyron, who wanted increased relationship with humans, was a supporter of Orin, roberto's rival for Soteira's hand.
And while Kasirga correctly guessed Roberto had been set upon for failure, her efforts at discussing this failed.

In the end, despite her honesty and correct guesses about the situation, the various misunderstandings due to the time frame or regarding roberto's mission proved too much.
Combined with Roberto doubting her claims to the island and asserting his right to judge her, this prompted her to depart and engage in war with Herakleion.

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