Kenza filia Castet Tremeris

Tremere ted to eschew mage-on-mage confrontation, which is quite risky and puts them at a disadvantage versus focused combat specialists, penetration-wise.

Nonetheless, direct physical conflict is sometimes necessary, and the house sometimes needs magi able to fight other magi or supernatural beasts without relying on Arcane range strikes or magical servants. These combat magi rely on Vilano spells of various sorts to ignore Magical Resistance, or on Potent spells to compensate for their lack of magical foci. Diversity is often key here, as different opponents may fall to different spells.

The Penetration skill is also quite important to them, and Spell Mastery is a must, either to increase their penetration or to bolster their own magical resistance.

Lineage Virtues: Flawless Magic, Potent Magic, Puissant Penetration
Lineage Flaws: Deficient Technique: Muto
Favored Arts and Skills: Creo, Finesse, Parma Magica, Penetration

Kenza +00
Kenza +15
Kenza +30
Kenza +45
Kenza +60


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