Kesara filia Xalbator of Flambeau

Her relation to current magi is that Solomon is her Mentor.

Her father and parens, a past master named Inigo (Xalbator), when the new council reformed in 1230, asked the masters to take on his newly gauntleted daughter as a Journeywoman.
She has done her seven seasons, the council voted her in. She was with Solomon at Duresca when Metron escaped (he tried to attack her but then fled in terror).
According to one prophecy she is supposedly the Lumina, the mystical blood &/or magical descendant of Reculed "Flambeau" Seneca. Seventh in line. However, note that Carmen and Roberto are also of that direct mystical lineage (though Delendos), and Carmen is also seventh in line (I do not know what number Roberto is, I never calculated it and he thinks the whole Lumina line is a bunch of malarkey).

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