Al-Malik ‘Izz al-Sayf Khyron ibn Kashia’ al-Efreet by his full name is a powerful efreet, once thought defeated by Antionio. He had a might of at least 55.

Antonio destroyed his form, took his vis, storing hit in the Phoenix Sword of Andorra.

Problem is, a later magical botch while using that precise vis apparently resurrected him: While battling the storm giant Alberto and his brother Humberto, he rushed his casting, and Khyron apparently recreated his form from the energies unleashed, killed humberto, and fled.

The question has puzzled andorra's magi since: According to Antonio's research into magic lore, when you kill the corporeal mantel of a spirit, it also kills the spirit. However, he also have found contradicting information that says a Jinn is not destroyed if it's corporeal body is slain.
Thing is, if this is true, why didn't it reincorporate itself earlier? Fuego posited that it may have had too much might bound up in that vis, and couldn't form a new aspect until the vis was released.
As the resident expert on such creatures, Dimir Taar thinks instead that this is an entirely new spirit, that devoured khyron's energies and powers and may believe or not that it is the old Jinni. Unless, of course, this is all a demon's trick. After all, this only heightened tensions between Andorra and Alberto, has resented Andorra ever since.

Whatever the truth, Khyron returned home to find that his dominion had been overthrown and claimed by his own cousin, Zhakkar, the Sultan of the Scarlet Sand, and apparently blames Adorra for this.

Kyhron al-Efreet is one of the twelve Great Amirs of the Efreet tribe of the Jinni, and is the king of the Arc of Fire. This dreadful land consists of a palace of bronze on an island of basalt surrounded by a boiling sea; over which stands a massive arc of perfect geometry, composed of pure essential fire. Kyhron spends his days brooding, plotting intrigues against his cousins and revenge against his enemies. He is an impious jinn with many heathen habits, though he makes claims and pretenses to submitting to Islam. Invocations from the Koran do not repel him or force him into submission, but those of Faith are afforded respect and hospitality.
It is likely that he just pays lip service to Islam, either because he wishes to fool mortals or because he fears the wrath of Suliman. There are several indicators that suggest he is a non-believer. Khyron is a true Genus Locus, and is associated with the Art of Ignem as his essential nature. If he had taken up the faith he would have transformed in nature to become a faerie, if he was Infernal then he could not be affected by Ignem based summoning and warding magic since all demons are considered Vim only.
The efreet are one of the strongest and most powerful of the tribes of the Jinni, second only to the Marid. The tribe is ruled by twelve Great Amirs, who choose amongst themselves a Grand Amir to rule over them all. This system was fraught with rivalry and warefare, and was already dysfunctional before the war with Suleiman disrupted it. Eight of the Great Amirs sided with the Sons of Ilbis, and in turn were defeated by Suleiman and imprisoned in objects. Of the remaining four, one submitted to Suleiman and two others were imprisoned as a result of other conflicts. Some have since been freed, but the only one who has never bowed to Suleiman nor been imprisoned by him is Khyron. This is not because of boldness or power. Rather, it is because of shrewd wisdom and caution. He built his palace in a hidden location under the sea, and avoids conflict with the Divine whenever possible.
Khyron’s palace of Bronze is located in a land called the Arc of Fire. This is a magical realm found at the end of a powerful regio located halfway betweenthe Island of Pantelleri and the city of Agrigento in Sicily. This is a Mythic Place known in as the “Campi Flegrei del Mar di Sicilia”, which means the “Burning Fields of the Sea of Sicily”. There is a magic aura here and the waters are nearly scalding hot. As one passes deeper into the regio the air fills with steam and the waters start to boil. The sea also becomes much more shallow, shrinking to a depth of mere yards in some places. Piercing the final layer of the regio, twin volcano peaks breach the surface and spew in an arc of fire between them. Sailing between them under the arc leads to the basalt island upon which is built the palace of bronze. This is a dangerous journey into a regio with wide gaps between its layers, and thus is nearly impossible to navigate. However, once every one hundred years, the volcano peaks breach the surface of the water in the mundane realm outside the regio, forming the arc of fire, and at these times it is easy to pass through.
There are seven hundred and seven jinni in direct service to Khyron at his palace, and many times more that are subject to his rule. His followers include members of his tribe, vassals that have pledged their allegiance to him, and refugees who have escaped their prisons. Some of the efreet in his service are of fire such as he is, and others are the efreet of stone and sand known as Dao. Khyron has a bitter rivalry with his cousin Zhakkar, Sultan of the Scarlet Sand.
Like all jinni, Khyron can assume a corporeal form, and if he chooses he can infuse the form with fire or take a form composed of fire instead. He is immune to damage from heat and flames of course, and presumably he is immune to non-magical weapons (as many efreet are). He has many other powers common to the efreet, such as the ability to fly, to create all sorts of spectacular fire based effects, dominate the minds of mortals, and he transmute or destr

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