Knights Of Seneca

The Knights of Seneca

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Members of the Knights of Seneca in the 13th century are scattered throughout a handful of other covenants accrosst Mythic Europe. The have taken up residence in prestigious institutions such as Andorra, Campo Martes, Doisettepp, Fengheld, Mons Electi, Novus Mane, and Para Belli. They were first established as a societas during the Schism War, and their initial members consisted of Delendar (supposed filius of Flambeau), Valdarius of Flambeau (a Verditius magus who renounced his original house), and Julius filius Delendos. Julius led the Senecans during the era of El-Cid, and was an ally of his. El Cid brokered a peace agreement between the Senecans and a band of Sahirs (who later went on to form the covenant of Estancia es Karida). With his Flambeau and Sahir allies, El Cid went on to conquer Valencia and sponsored a covenant for the magi. After he died, without the Cid's charisma to unite them, the covenant broke apart as the embers went there separate directions. There are less than 20 Knights of Seneca in the Order of Hermes, and they are mostly (but not exclusively) Flambeau magi of Mercurian descent. They believe an old, apocryphal variation of the history and legends of Flambeau the Founder. About a hundred years ago, some Senecans came to Andorra in search of the truth behind the mysteries and legends of their foundation. It turns out that Andorra was the covenant of Delendos and Valdarius during the outbreak of the Schism War. The former pontifex of Andorra, Archmagus Antonio of Flambeau, was the former Grandmaster of the Knights of Seneca. However, he has recently succumbed to Final Twilight

The Knights of Seneca accept magi of all schools of magical combat, and they even accept Mithrites who are willing to shed their false beliefs and convert. The school of Apromor (Perdo) is totally cool, as that is a Mercurian based tradition. They also pioneered the School of Delendos (Creo) and the School of Julius (Skilled Parens, reflecting intensive diverse training by multiple elders). The School of Valdarius originates from a disenfranchised Verditius lineage.


The traditions of the Knights of Seneca Flambeau’s vulgar name was named Reculed Annaeus Seneca; that his true master and mentor was a Visigoth-Mercurian wizard named Delendar. Flambeau died in battle, in a dramatic last stand against the Sahirs after a truce negotiation went horribly awry. They say that the claim that he retired to a monastery was fabricated to protect the secrets of the Founder. Some of their legends hint that Elaine was actually Flambeau's daughter, not his apprentice. She was schooled by Apromor and Delendos, the only two apprentices that survived after the final battle. This all connects to the legend of the Lumina, the supposed lost lineage of Flambeau. Many modern magi believe Lumina stories are merely an allegorical myth, but the magi of Andorra have reason to believe otherwise. A lot of this is based on the Flambeau Apocrypha, and can be summed up in the History of House Flambeau, located elsewhere on this wiki.

The current generation of Senecans are not as dogmatic. They have heard all the legends, the prophecy of the Lumina, the tales of Delendos and Julius and on-and-on. They have also heard what others say and read various histories, and find them just as conflicted. In the big picture, it really doesn't matter. The stories and their variations have a didactic purpose, and are intended to teach young flambeau magi the lessons they need to be both strong and wise. In fact, the latest generation of stories about Delendos and the Lumina have taken on the characteristics of Tytalean Fables. Many are obviously contrived to fit a situation or a lesson. Some magi even spontaneously fabricate stories based on these legends, for the purpose of communicating secrets or dropping subtle hints.


The knights include (but are not limited to):
Inigo Elazar of Flambeau; father of Kesara, who is supposedly the Lumina
Archmagus Pietro of Flambeau; Antares of the Archmagi
Carmen of Flambeau; Lady of the Knights of Seneca
Rodrigo of Mercere; Marshall
Octavian of Tremere; Marshall
Vulcanus of Flambeau; of the Valdarian Lineage
Guillaume of Flambeau
Isaac of Flambeau;
Vares of Flambeau;
Roberto of Flambeau
Santiago of Flambeau
Diego of Flambeau

In Days Past
Archmagus Fuego Conflagaratius of Flambeau; lost to Final Twilight
Archmagus Antonio of Flambeau; former Grandmaster, faded into what is believed to be Final Twilight.
Dimir Taar of Verditius; of the Valdarian Lineage, lost in Twilight
Joel Muniz of Flambeau
Delendos of Flambeau
Julius of Flambeau
Valdarius of Flambeau; formerly of Verditius



It is common among the Knights of Seneca to have their apprentices cross-train with one another. This insures that they each learn somewhat of a diversity in magic, and that they can pass on discoveries to each other. In latter life this elder magus becomes their Mentor, and in turn they are expected to mentor an apprentice/younger magus when the have matured. Often this is done prior to taking their own apprentice, as it is a good tool for learning how to train an apprentice.

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