La Vella

Founded: ???
Status: ???

Rumors of Hermetic Squatters are true.

The Covenant of Bellaquin, part of the Provencal Tribunal, had serendipitously set up a chapter in our fair capital. Archmagus Valgravian of Jerbiton and his daughter, soon joined by others.

The property was purchased some many years ago, and they have an “arrangement” with the Archmagi. They even have a deed signed by Archmagus Antonio, granting them title to a small regio and a vis source in the town. It was part of Antonio’s (failed) master plan of creating a new tribunal with covenant in the Catalonia region.

Resident Magi

  • Constantius (Ulric) of Jerbiton
  • Robert Vasquez ex Flambeau
  • Valgravian of Jerbiton, archmage

Former Members

  • Vulcanus left in a hurry, after engineering trouble between Bellaquin and Andorra
  • Guiverna was expelled, a collateral damage from Vulcanus's machinations, and joined Andorra
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