Leolinus of Jerbiton


A corrupt infernalist and a murderer, whose activities were exposed by Roberto. Since then, the two have had several encounters, with neither one managing to rid himself of the other for good. Over time, this master of mentem magics has more and more devolved into depravity in his search for greater power.

After being thwarted by Roberto too many times, he allied himself with Attumah, in a bid to lure and kill his enemy. This, too, came to fail, but Leolinus escaped, despite nearly bringing Princess Soteira to kill her beloved.
No doubt he can sink even lower


Characteristics: Int +2, Per +1, Pre +2, Com +1, Str 0, Sta 0, Dex -1, Qik +2
Size: 0
Age: 66 (50), Height: 168 cm, Weight: 72 kg, Gender: Male
Decrepitude: 0 (1)
Warping Score: 4 (17¼)
Confidence: 1 (3)


Fast Caster (Initiative: +3 to cast spells in combat)
Gentle Gift
The Gift
Hermetic Magus
Improved Characteristics
Inspirational (Bonus: +3 to targets' Personality Traits)
Mentored by Demons (×6)
Puissant Mentem
Quiet Magic (Spellcasting Penalty: None for soft voice, -5 if not speaking)
Skilled Parens
Social Contacts (Reconquista Lords)*
Venus' Blessing (Bonus: +3 Com and Pre with sexually compatible characters),


Corrupted Art: Mentem [RoP: tI p87: The character has studied one of the Hermetic Arts from a corrupted source. Use of a corrupted Art for a selfish or sinful action receives a +3 bonus to the character’s Casting Total and Penetration Total. Succeeding in a roll because of this bonus (that is, when without it the roll would have failed) means he immediately acquires 5 experience points in that Art. However, uses of the Art that are neutral or selfless receive a -3 penalty, and if you fail the roll because of this penalty, he immediately loses 5 experience points in the Art. Any use of a corrupted Art taints the character’s magic, causing it to appear unholy. You may only take this Flaw once, though it can affect multiple Arts]
Flawed Parma Magica (Auram)
Hatred (Roberto)
Loose Magic (Study Total halved when trying to master spells)
Susceptibility to Infernal Power
Waster of Vis


Dodge: Init: +2, Attack —, Defense +2, Damage —
Fist: Init: +2, Attack -1, Defense +2, Damage +0
Kick: Init: +1, Attack -1, Defense +1, Damage +3
Soak: 0
Fatigue levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20), Dead (21+)


Artes Liberales 1 (cermonial magic), Awareness 2 (determining effect)
Calligraphy 2, Carouse 4 (staying sober), Charm 5 (being witty), Chirurgy 2 (binding wounds), Code of Hermes 3 (wizards' marches), Concentration 2 (spell concentration)
Etiquette 5 (court)
Finesse 4 (casting speed), Faerie Lore 6 (Corrupted Faeries)
Guile 2 (elaborate lies)
Infernal Lore 4 (demons)
Latin 4 (hermetic usage)
Magic Lore 2 (creatures), Magic Theory 6 (Mentem), Music 4 (Lute)
Occitan 5
Order of Hermes Lore 2 (personalities)
Parma Magica 4 (Mentem)
Penetration 5 (Mentem)
Philosophiae 3 (ceremonial magic)
Scribe 1 (copy lab text)


Cr 8, In 9, Mu 4, Pe 4, Re 12, An 4, Aq 6, Au 6, Co 5, He 0, Ig 8, Im 12, Me 23+3, Te 0, Vi 8
Twilight Scars: Faint smell of sulphur


Encumbrance: 0 (0)

Spells Known:

Aquam Spells

Mighty Torrent of Water (CrAq 20) +14

Auram Spells

Circling Winds of Protection (Cr(Re)Au 20) +14

Corpus Spells

The Ailing Leg (ReCo 5) +17. The target's leg goes limp, making him fall over.
Curse of the Unruly Tongue (ReCo 5) +17
Gift of the Frog's Legs (ReCo 15) +17
Spasms of the Uncontrolled Hand (ReCo 5) +17

Ignem Spells

Pilum of Fire (CrIg 20) +17, Mastery 1 (magic resistance)

Imaginem Spells

Aura of Ennobled Presence (MuIm 10) +16
To Appear in Places Afar (CrIm 15) +20. Like "Phantasm of the Human Form", but with a lower range and duration. Leolinus usually uses this through and Intangible Tunnel to create an illusion of himself in order to safely speak from afar
Wizard's Sidestep (ReIm 10) +24
Prying Eyes (InIm 5) +21
Prying Ears (InIm 5) +21. Like "Prying Eyes", but with hearing instead of Sight

Mentem Spells

Aura of Rightful Authority (ReMe 20) +38
Binding Grip of the Faithful Slave (CrMe 30) +39, Mastery 1 (quiet casting). Gives the target a "Loyal to Leolinus" trait at +4 (Based on "Instant Loyalty of the Rebellious Turb")
To Rule over the Weak (ReMe 60) +42. Created with the help of demons and other demonists, this ritual is Leolinus Masterpiece. It enables him to enslave a entire city, making him, or another person, its natural ruler.
The Call to Slumber (ReMe 10) +39, Mastery 1 (fast casting)
Confusion of the Numbed Will (ReMe 15) +38
Enslave the Mortal Mind (ReMe 40) +38
Memories of Things Never Lived (CrMe 30) +34. Inserts a full and complete memory into a person's mind. If the target gives the memory some thought and concentration, and makes an Intelligence roll of 9+, the memory is revealed as false. When the duration expires, the memory vanishes, although the subject may remember remembering it.
Panic of the Trembling Heart (CrMe 15) +34
Rising Ire (CrMe 15) +34
Weight of a Thousand Hells (CrMe 25) +34

Vim Spells

Maintaining the Demanding Spell (ReVi 15) +20
Opening the Intangible Tunnel (ReVi 15) +21, Mastery 1 (penetration)

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