Founded: 1052
Status: Autumn

Leczyca covenant sits atop a ridge in gentle hill country. Rough ground renders the east and west approaches difficult and the southern one rather tedious. There is an easy ascent to the north along the track which leads to Leczyca town. The covenant is an impressive, well-built castle, with a large outer bailey, stable-yard, and tilting run.

Of all the Novgorodian covenants, Leczyca is most at odds with the older tribunals. Its powerful turb is principally geared to harrying bands of Rhine interlopers. They are perpetually ready for siege, and have stood off more than one Wizards’ War. Their merchant contacts bring them information about road conditions and troop movements as well as the opportunity to fund merchant ventures.

Leczyca’s outlook is strongly flavored by the general Polish attitude toward the Germans. The Germans are the Enemy, eaten up by envy, resentment, and guilt. Was it Leczyca who betrayed the Order of Hermes in the Schism War? No! It was the Germans! Is it Leczyca who has abused and impoverished their local vis resources? No! It is the Germans! And yet, it is the German covenants who accuse innocent Leczyca of treachery and abandonment! Having a strong external enemy helps keep Leczyca’s very argumentative magi basically united.

The roots of the dispute between Leczyca and the Rhine covenants is ancient and complex. Leczyca inherited all the resentment the Rhine tribunal felt when Grand Silesia abandoned them, as well as offering a tempting target for vis-starved covenants. The center of these frictions is Durenmar, domus magna of House Bonisagus. For their own reasons, the other two Rhine domus magnae have reached a concord with the Novgorod tribunal (Crintera, for instance, is too proud of Pripet Maior, while Irencillia is just not very good at holding grudges). But Durenmar, home of House Bonisagus, heir to the authority of the Founders, has never gotten over its sense of Polish treachery. They are joined in this by some of the younger covenants of the Rhine, and no Grand Tribunal goes by without a motion being moved by Durenmar for a reassessment of the eastern Rhine border.

Three Lakes, however, recognizes that Poland is their first line of defense against western encroachment. Accordingly there is a Hermes Portal link between Leczyca and Three Lakes, and Three Lakes magi visit Leczyca on a regular basis.

Of all the Novgorodian covenants, Leczyca is most indifferent to the Thousand Caves controversy. Yes, it is technically interesting, but not important. They are also most resentful of the proscription against consorting with royalty. They have a powerful fellow-feeling for the Polish nobility, and 30 years ago were found guilty of serious infringements of the proscription. They paid a heavy vis fine for providing Silesian nobles with magically acquired information about German raids.

Current Relations with Andorra

  • Unknown.
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