Library Rules

The following library rules were implemented by Vocis of Tremere in 1234 and approved by the Andorran council:

Access to books:

Any member magus of any rank may study from any book in the library, subject to the restrictions detailed below. Guest magi must receive permission from a journeyman or master and notify the Chief Librarian before studying from a book.

Requesting books:

All magi (including guests) must register for the use of a book no later than the season prior to its planned use and no earlier than five seasons prior to its planned use. If two (or more) member magi wish to use the same book in the same season, priority order defaults to rank unless the magi reach a separate agreement. If the member magi are the same rank, the first magus submitting the request has priority unless the magi reach a separate agreement. Guests are an exception to the normal priority rules. If a guest magus has already reached an agreement to use a book in a given season, he or she receives priority over any member magus.

Removal of books:

Masters and journeymen may remove books from the library for study after notifying the Chief Librarian or one of his/her delegates. Books may not be removed from the Andorra covenant grounds without the permission of the Chief Librarian. The Chapter House of Sa Dragonera and all associated Balearic Isles sanctums are considered Andorra covenant grounds, but books taken to those locations must be transported via direct magical gateway or magical teleportation. Pledges and guests of the covenant are not permitted to remove books from the library without the permission of the Chief Librarian.


If a book is lost or damaged outside the covenant grounds, the magus who requested its removal is responsible for its repair or replacement. If a book is lost or damaged inside the covenant grounds (including the library itself), the Chief Librarian will recommend an appropriate punishment to be verified or amended by the covenant council.


Apprentices may utilize the library if permitted to do so by their masters. The apprentice's master submits all reservation requests and priority is based on the master's rank within the covenant. The apprentice's master is liable for any books damaged or destroyed by his/her apprentice.


Non-magi may utilize the library at the discretion of the Chief Librarian. Terms and conditions of use will be established by the Chief Librarian on a case-by-case basis.

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