Founded: 1001
Status: Autumn

Literatus is a large and active Covenant which has, for 200 years, dedicated itself to bringing about unity between the Order of Hermes and the mundane world. Literatus is a Covenant of scholar-Magi who believe that knowledge of the mundane world has value, and should be treasured at least as highly as magical knowledge of the Order. To the Magi of Literatus, it is not enough to be skilled in the arts of magic, one must be both a Magus and a scholar.

Privately, many Magi of the Covenant cherish Infernal power as well, and have since Literatus' founding under the diabolical Pope Sylvester II. True, there are burgeoning Magi in the Covenant who know nothing of their home's true origins, but even they are the target of demonic corruption, whether they know it or not. Perhaps the Covenant's efforts to unite magic and mortals is actually an effort on the Infernal's part to undermine the foundations of the Order of Hermes.

Current Relations with Andorra

  • Unknown.
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