Lost Children Of Perdut

The children of Perdut have been quick to adapt to the Magic realm, for they have less mundane taint to overcome than the elders. Those 12 and under have acquired the equivalent of the Transformed Human Virtue and have become actual magical beings. The younger they are, the more magical they have become.

Each of the children has the modified Free Virtue of Transformed Child, and the average apparent age is 7 to 9 years old. This Virtue includes a Magic Might of 3, a base Size of -1, a modifier of -3 to Strength, -1 to Quickness, and a -2 to all other Characteristics. They possess the Natural Appearance Major Quality, and the Essential Flaw of Childish (-3 to trying to reason or socially interact as an adult).

A common Inferiority is to vary from the apparent age of the ideal child. Infant Child, Young Child, and Youth each count as Minor Inferiorities (only one can be chosen). A Young Child has more Might but a greater penalty to Size and Characteristics. An Infant Child has the greatest penalty but the highest might. A Youth has less of a penalty to Characteristics, but a lower might score as well. Refer to the chart below…

(Characteristic adjustments take base size into account)
• Youth (Minor Inferiority): Apparent Age 10-12; Magic Might 1 (Corpus); Minor Essential Flaw (Childish); Size -1; Modifiers Str -2, Quik +1, all others -1
• Child (Free Supernatural Virtue): Apparent Age 7-9; Magic Might 3 (Corpus); Minor Essential Flaw (Childish); Size -1; Modifiers Str -3, Quick +0, all others -2
• Young Child (Minor Inferiority): Apparent Age 4-6; Magic Might 6 (Corpus); Major Essential Flaw (Childish); Size -2; Modifiers Str -4, Quick -1, all others -3
• Infant Child (Minor Inferiority): Apparent Age 3 or less; Magic Might 10 (Corpus); Major Essential Flaw (Childish); Size -3; Modifiers -10 Str, -2 Quick, -6 all others

Some exemples characters:

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