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Sigil: The faint smell of parchment and books accompanies each of Lucas's spells
Voting Sigil: A small wand with the head of a falcon on the top

Youth and Apprenticeship

Lucas was born into House Mercere of the Order of Hermes, and was destined to become a Redcap when he grew up - a fine fate for anyone. But destiny took over when he was seven years old and it was discovered that he was one of the few in his house with the Gift. From that point on, his future was set. He would be a magus of House Mercere, a symbol that magic was not lost to this noble house.

His apprenticeship began when he was ten years old and Talbot ex Mercere took him as his apprentice, that being considered an ideal age to begin magical training. It progressed well, though not without its own peculiarities. First was the true gentle nature of Lucas’s Gift. It was clear to all who knew him that Lucas had been blessed with a Gentle Gift, for his presence inspired none of the uneasiness that usually comes with the Gift. But beyond that, Lucas seemed able to practice his magic without the need for strong gestures, and without the need to speak incantations. Aside from his wizard’s sigil, the faint smell of parchment or books that appears whenever he casts a spell, there was generally no indication that he was the source of the magical effects he generated.


Also of interest, when Lucas was just seventeen, only halfway through his apprenticeship, he fell in love with Cecilia de Mercere, a fellow apprentice, though one without the Gift. Generally marriage while serving as an apprentice was not permitted. But in this case, when Lucas asked it of his parens, his request was granted. There were few enough members of the house with the Gift. And it wouldn’t be long after his gauntlet that Lucas would start taking a longevity potion, and be rendered infertile. Although a married apprentice was unorthodox, House Mercere was willing to allow anything that might lead to another Gifted member of the house. Alas, this effort proved to be in vain. But most in the house think it was worth trying.

The last interesting occurrence happened as Lucas was entering his last year of his apprenticeship. At this point, his parens told him that he had shown great promise, and that as a result, he as being offered membership in the Milvi Antiquiti, a group descended from Mutant de Mercere, one of Lucas’s direct blood ancestors. The Milvi Antiquiti, or “kites of old,” his parens explained, were a group of Mutantes and their companions who sought to preserve and distribute knowledge throughout the Order. Upon hearing the goals of the Order, Lucas was proud to accept this offer, which lead to his parens teaching him certain techniques in his last year that were developed by the Order.

First Cycle - A Family Man

When Lucas finished his gauntlet and found himself a full-fledged magus, he didn't have the luxury of adventure. He had two small children and two more soon to come. As a result, his first cycle was filled mostly with study and family life. By the end he was the librarian at Cunfin and had four children with Cecilia. Soon thereafter both he and Cecilia underwent their longevity rituals, and the opportunity to have more children ended.

Second Cycle - The Balearic Islands

As Lucas entered his second cycle, both he and Cecilia were starting to feel penned in at Cunfin. They wanted to travel and do greater things. They regretted nothing of their time in Cunfin; it had just become too small for them. What's more, their children were getting old enough that they didn't have to be coddled anymore. As a result, part of the way through his second cycle, Lucas learned that House Mercere was looking for a Gifted magus to fill a position at the covenant of Andorra. They had a guild house there with some Mercere portals and needed a magus on staff. As it turned out, his knowledge of the language of Catalan made him a perfect match for the position. Lucas was offered that position and moved his family to Arans. It was no trouble getting Cecilia reassigned to the guild house, since so much of a Redcap's duty is on the road anyway.

In Arans, Lucas learned that the covenant was looking for journeymen to protect its guild house in the Balearic Islands. Lucas jumped at this opportunity and swore his oath as a journeyman in the Covenant of Andorra. He and Cecilia found a 'haunted' manor house that connected to the regio used by the covenant, and quickly settled in. The next few years proved eventful for Lucas, taking him to a merfolk city beneath the Mediterranean Sea and to the legendary City of Brass.


Third Cycle - Settling in at Arans

By the end of his second cycle House Mercere was pressing Lucas to move to Arans to be closer to the guild house. Reluctantly, he came back to Arans where he moved into one of the vacant towers in the castle. By then, all of their children were away at Redcap training, so it was just Lucas and Cecilia. But children were not to leave Lucas's life. Once settled in Arans, Lucas received word that House Mercere had identified a new Gifted child who needed training. Lucas was more than happy to take on the task, and settled in for two full cycles of training his new apprentice.


Lucas tends to dress and behave more like a Redcap than a Gifted magus, and has occasionally been mistaken for one. He rarely speaks incantations or uses gestures when he casts spells so as not to draw attention to his magical ability.

He currently serves as herald, deputy librarian, and liaison to the Mercere guild house in Arans.

Family, as of Autumn, 1243

Cecilia (wife, 43), Stephanus (son, 19), Elinor (daughter, 17), Edvard (son, 13), Maria (daughter, 11), Elena (apprentice, 13)

  • Stephanus is the child most like his father. He inherited Lucas's intelligence and his love of books. Since entering Redcap training, he has drawn the attention of the Milvi Antiquiti, who believe that he would be a fine recruit.
  • Elinor is the child most like her mother. Active, vivacious, and always willing to seek adventure.
  • Edvard is the most physical of the four children, preferring vigorous activity over staying indoors reading books. Not that he's unintelligent; he just prefers activity to inactivity. He's also a great outdoors man.
  • Maria is a real charmer. Carefree and generally very happy, she gets along with most everyone, and everyone gets along with her. She has true empathy.
  • Elena is Lucas's first apprentice, a girl the age of his youngest son whom he is treating like one of his own children.
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