Lucas de Mercere's Quarters

Character Sheet

In Mallorca


Lucas and his family have settled into a small estate on the outskirts of Palma along a busy road into the city. They live in a small manor house with an olive grove, an orange grove, and a vineyard attached. The the vineyard and the groves are of moderate size and bring in about 30£ a year.

The manor house is located on the site where an ancient Roman temple once stood. In fact, a watchtower overlooking the sea is built precisely where the temple was, even to the point of using some of its stone in its construction. Having the regio has caused the place to experience certain peculiarities (including magical pests) that have given it a reputation for being haunted. In fact, that’s how Lucas was able to get the manor house in the first place. Lucas has placed his laboratory in the first level of the regio, where a copy of the original Roman temple still stands.

A manor house was built many years ago for a very well-to-do fence who dealt with local pirates. The man had chosen this location because the rumors of hauntings kept others away and made moving stolen goods easier. This fence had a secret and secure basement room installed that he used to hide items to be fenced or people on the run. Lucas has converted this room into a safe room for his family to go should there be any trouble in the manor.

Ground Floor


First Floor


Second Floor



1.Fora portal
2.Main clastra
5.Secondary entry hall
7.Sitting room
9.Master dining room
10.Master kitchen
11.Cardinal bedroom
15.Servant’s quarters
18.Equipment for animals
21.Domestic kitchen
24.Tool magazine
25.Shed chariots
26.Work clastra
27.Oil mill
28.Oil store
29.Servant’s preparation room
32.Great Basin
33.Family safe room

Main Entrance


Side View


Main Clastra


In Sa Dragonera

+0 Journeyman

+1 Regio (Leads to an inner temple)
+3 Strong Aura (Site of an ancient Roman temple)

-0 Island (Located on the coast)
-3 Urban/City (located on the outskirts of Palma)
+0 Partially Controlled Regio

+0 Manor House (including grounds, small olive grove, small vineyard, and small orange grove)
+1 Edifice/Important Building/Special Feature – watch tower
+1 Edifice/Important Building/Special Feature – hidden, reinforced cellar

+3 Private Income, (x2) (olives, grapes, and oranges) [+45£]

+2 Increased Staff (x2) (3 guards, 5 staff)
-1 Magical Pests (escaped spirits)

+1 Local Ally (???)
-1 Hangout (local tavern)

Free Staff
1 Steward [specialist]
4 Guards [trained soldiers]
1 Housekeeper
2 House maids
1 Seamstress
1 Footman
1 Groundskeeper
1 Assistant groundskeeper
1 Yard boy
1 Cook
1 Cook's assistant
1 Maid of all work



Lucas’s laboratory is located in the first layer of a regio overlapping Lucas’s manor house and surrounding grounds. In particular, it is located on top of the old watch tower overlooking the sea. The regio’s first layer contains a copy of the ancient Roman temple to Hecate that used to stand where the watch tower is today. Lucas has taken over this temple as his laboratory, and has been accepted by the magical servants, who have been waiting for centuries for someone to serve. Unfortunately, some of these servants have escaped into the real world, where they cause trouble in the manor house and the grounds associated with it. The watchtower contains a shadow lab that appears to be dedicated to natural philosophy, particularly to studying the birds of Mallorca.

The Temple


The Watchtower



Lucas had two scribes on the payroll from 1235 through 1239. That's ten seasons of work from them. Assuming they each had Latin 5 Profession Scribe 5, and no Magic Theory, here's what I get.

1235, Season One: Copy De Oratore ad Quintum fratrem libri tres; copy Physics
1235, Season Two: Copy Corpus Hermeticum; copy A Delicate Matter
1236, Season One: Copy Ultor (The Avenger); copy Correlations and Expansions
1236, Season Two: Copy History of the Order of Hermes; copy Historia Hermetica
1237, Season One: Copy The Merchant's Art; Copy Principles of Magic
1237, Season Two: Copy The Life of Socrates; fast copy Lecito and Disputiatio (x3)
1238, Season One: The Spirit Legions; fast copy The Flambeau Apocrypha (x3)
1238, Season Two: Fast copy The Accurate Eye (x3); fast copy In Consideration of Hipocrates and the Art of Corpus (x3)
1239, Season One: Copy Catalogue of Magical Beasts and Beings; Running a Noble Household
1239, Season Two: Copy De Oratore ad Quintum fratrem libri tres; copy Physics

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