Lucas de Mercere's Tower

Lucas's Tower in Arans

Lucas has his sanctum in an eight-story tower associated with the Mercere guild house in the castle at Arans. The top three floors are his sanctum, while the bottom five floors are normal residence. Only Lucas, Cecelia, their children, the tower's cleaning maid, and Lucas's valet are allowed up into the sanctum.

Often Lucas can be seen in hawk form flying between the top levels of his tower and the library tower across the castle.

Tower Servants

The tower has four resident servants, though others can be brought in as needed for special occasions. This does not count a guard that typically watches the entrance.

  • Andre: Lucas's valet, lab assistant, and all-around right arm
  • Margarita: Cecilia's lady's maid and seamstress
  • Martinus: The French cook that Lucas and Cecilia brought with them from Cunfin
  • Stefan: A man-of-all-work who does whatever is needed in the tower

Basement Level

1. Storage: A large storage area, particularly for things that must remain cold.
2. Empty: Reserved for future use.


First Level

3. Main Entryway: A large entry hall with a hatch in the ceiling through which supplies can be hauled. The door into the tower also has a portcullis that can be lowered to prevent access to the rest of the tower.
4. Hallway: A simple hallway between rooms.
5. Kitchen: A small kitchen that serves the tower.
6. Pantry: A storage room for the kitchen.
7. Guard Room: A room with a single guard stationed to monitor who enters and leaves the tower. The portcullis is controlled from the guard room. This room also has a couple of chairs where people can wait for Lucas or Cecilia to come down. A bell pull from here leads up to the servants' hall.


Second Level

8. Dining Room: A spacious room that contains a long table that Lucas, Cecelia, and their family often dine at. It contains a dumbwaiter down to the kitchen.
9. Storage Room: The main storage room for the tower. This room has a hatch that leads down to the main hall for easy movement of materials.
10. Servant's Hall: A spacious room that contains a long table at which the servants eat, relax, and work.


Third Level

11. Martinus's Quarters: Room for Lucas and Cecilia's cook, Martinus.
12. Andre's Quarters: Room for Lucas's valet/lab assistant, Andre.
13. Storage Room: A room that contains many of the household supplies.
14. Margarita's Quarters: Room for Cecilia's lady's maid, Margarita and Cristina, a girl who helps out with the laundry and dishes.
15. Stefan's Quarters: Room for the all-around servant, Stefan and Roderic, a boy who helps in the kitchen and around the tower.


Fourth Level

16. Larger Guest Room: This room is for occasional guests that Lucas and Cecelia have to visit.
17. Sitting Room: A large room for the residents to relax in. This room has a small dining table where Lucas and Cecelia frequently take their meals now that the children are all gone.
18. Smaller Guest Room: This room is for occasional guests that Lucas and Cecelia have to visit.


Fifth Level

19. Common Solar: A small solar for Lucas and Cecelia's children or guests.
20. Girls' Room: Although Lucas's daughters are both away at Redcap training, he and Cecelia maintain a room for them when they might visit.
21. Bathing Chamber: A room with a large tub and a hearth for heating water.
22. Boys' Room: Although Lucas's sons are both away at Redcap training, he and Cecelia maintain a room for them when they might visit.


Sixth Level

Lucas's Sanctum begins on the sixth level. There is a door on the stairs leading up to the sixth level with marker indicating that this is Lucas's sanctum. (Cecelia maintains her sanctum in Majorca.)

23. Laboratory: A large laboratory that fills this entire level. Half of the laboratory extends up to the level above.

Lucas's Arans Laboratory


Seventh Level

23. Laboratory: Lucas's laboratory extends up to the seventh level, where there is a gallery for people to look down as he works. Cecelia will often come here to talk to Lucas so she won't disturb anything in his lab. It's also ideal for teaching an apprentice.
24. Apprentice's Room: A comfortable room with a bed, chest, desk, and chair that Lucas has set aside for his apprentice, Elena.
25. Gallery: A gallery that looks down onto Lucas's laboratory.
26. Laboratory Storage: A well-stocked room that contains all of the supplies Lucas needs for his laboratory work.


Eighth Level

27. Master Solar: The entire level is reserved as a large, private solar for use by Lucas and Cecelia.

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