Lucas Santo Of Flambeau
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Born in Catalonia to a Noble family, the young boy that was to become Lucas Santo had every privilege of the time. He lost all of it the day he was taken to become an apprentice. Hid new master made his former family believe he was dead. His master told him much the same. Even at such a young age, the news didnt seem to faze him.

His new master, a Flambeau from the Rhine tribunal by the name of Conrad Mathias, returned them both to the Rhine tribunal. There he spent his apprenticeship. Conrad was the eldest filus of Philiphus Niger, and Lucas was Conrad's first apprentice. If he would pass his gauntlet, he would continue the line of Apromor, eldest filus to eldest filus, from Apromor himself.

Mid way through his apprenticeship, Lucas suffered his first twilight. Conrad realised that he had ignored Lucas' education in Creo, It seemed Lucas' Creo Art was seriously flawed. To try and undo this, Conrad had Lucas experiment with Creo vis, to try and understand it better. Unfortunately, and somewhat unsurprisingly, things went wrong and Lucas fell into a deep twilight that lasted several months. But he understood what was asked of him. To embody Death itself for the greater good of the Order. The night would be his ally, illusions would not hinder him. What he does not remember is that his service does not end in death…

Lucas passed his gauntlet two years earlier than most. The spell he developed, Weeping Blade, proved a great asset in the Wizard's Melee of the Flambeau tournament, and allowed him to claim second place, and his own sigil. He also used the prize to barter a sword of quality from one of the Verditius vendors attending the tournament.

Raised with the ethos of the Ash gild, Lucas was a very active young magus, supporting his paren and grand-paren within the Ash gild. He also took up hoplite duties as quickly as he could, pushing beyond just the Rhine tribunal. Upon such travels, he found it could talk to anyone without problem, which surprised him.

His gift made actual investigations among mundanes difficult, but not impossible. However, during one such investigation when he was on his own, he needed information, and quickly. Some beast had been terrorizing the townsfolk. Speaking to the local priest, he tried to use Posing the silent question. Unfortunately, the divine seemed to take offensive and Lucas fell into another twilight episode. In it, he battled continually, without rest, drawing all of his power from the deepest parts of his being to fight of his attackers. The torment eventually ended and he awoke among monks of a monastery a short distance from the town. He returned to the town, with the simple intention of slaying the beast, direct, simple. And he did. A werewolf. But the townsfolk only saw their dead friend and a man with eyes as a black as night. Even now, the men and women of that town believe Lucas to be a monster and a murderer. It was only later that Lucas discovered the effect his magics had upon his eyes.

With his magic becoming less subtle, and his lack of great talents with intellego, he swore an oath of service to a Quastitor, Monferrato, an associate member of Magvillus. For seven years Lucas travelled with Monferrato, defending them both and being his hunter and executioner and the two became good friends. They travelled throughout Europe, as Monferrato was a wandering Quaesitor. Lucas severed with distinction. It was through Moferrato and Magvillus that Lucas was taught spell masteries from House Mercere. Late in his service. The two magi hunted down a diabolist plot. When they finally caught the diabolists, demons were summoned, many demons. Lucas was undaunted, and gave battle. He ignored the demons and struck at the diabolists, take the head and the body dies. But with them dead, the demons remained and were almost upon Monferrato and the shield grogs. To save his friends life, Lucas grabbed a handful of Perdo pawns, and boosted many copies of Demons Eternal Oblivion. He lost control of that much power, and a great whirlwind of magic was unleashed. Though he fell into another twilight, so too did he destroy the demons. Monferrato later told him of the final strokes of the battle. Once more he fell into darkness. Three figures where there, talking, lecturing him, but he couldn't understand, they gave him power, but it didn't understand their instructions. He missed the Flambeau Tournament that year.

He awoke back at Magvillus. He spent the last few months of his term of service there, discussing their experiences on the road with Monferrato. It seemed his friend had decided to apply for full membership of Magvillus, so would be staying at Magvillus for the foreseeable future. They said their goodbyes and Lucas left. He returned to the Rhine tribubal, but found it was no longer to his tastes, and he found himself at a loss of what to do. The Ash gild had not yet convinced the tribunal to push north, so no great conflict was verging, and the Rhine had few Quaesitors. So Lucas made arrangements to visit Castra Solis. He spent several seasons there. He tutored on spell masteries, and made use of the library, but mostly enjoyed sharing stories with other passing Flambeau. But he grew restless, wanting to be on the road again, doing what he loved, to battle the enemies of the Order. When he heard news of the call from Andorra, he was on the road again before the day was out.

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