Lucien At 1244


Stats presented for use in story in 1244, Ancient Discovery

7 pts active as child, 10 pts planned

Active Major Virtue - Mythic Blood (Descendant of Flambeau) +3.
Includes a Minor Focus: Creating Fire (which is less than CrIg due to heat and light components of Creo), Mythic power: (+30 soak to fire), Minor Personality Flaw: Wrathful. This power is active now that his gift is started to express, unfortunately only the Wrathful aspect is obvious.
Active Virtues - Orphan, raised by Monks (Social) +0 (to be replaced by Apprentice +0 shortly).
Active Virtues - Great Characteristic: Intelligence (up to +4) +1, Inventive Genius +1, Book Learner +1, Second Sight +1
Inherited House Virtue - Puissant Ignem (House Virtue) +0. To become effective after 10 seasons of activity & teaching from Roberto who will joint-mentor Lucien.
Inherited Virtues - Deft Form: Ignem +1, Affinity with Art: Ignem +1, Potent Ignem +1, to express after Ignem is opened.
Inherited Magi Virtue - The Gift +0. Lucien's gift started to express between his 6th to 7th birthday, slowly growing it's negative influence in his interactions.
-7 worth active as child, -10 planned.

Active Flaws - Optimistic (Fearless) -3, Blatant Gift -3,
Active Flaws - Dark Secret -1 (Lucien's magical bloodline might be from a Flambeau of great renown but also unacknowledged in the hotly debated House history, which if discovered will create further disorder and volatility in the House due to Lucien having unknown parentage).
Inherited Flaws - Visions (Dreams - to begin due to a story event during apprenticeship) -1, Ignem Monstrosity (Emits Incredible Heat from body) -1, Weird Magic -1
Details of the minor mythic power. Chosen because I wanted something with an epic feel for a Flambeau character that would be indesputedly niche for the House but also not an overt destructive power.

"Fire in the Blood"
R: Personal, D: Diameter, T: Ind
Allows Lucien a +30 damage soak to fire and heat related damage, as his bloodline is deeply infused with a strange essence of Ignem magic. Fire and heat do not effect him in the manner of other people. Lucien is also very warm to the touch even in freezing conditions, although he gains no resistance to the cold.
(Base 4 for +5 soak, +5 for up to +30 Soak, +1 Diameter)
Created as a level 30 power.
Will combine with the Deft Art: Ignem exceedingly well.

Current Child Stats (need to change from 8 yo to 13yo, ??)
Age: 8. This incorporates a -3 to all stats, and a -2 size.
Size: -2, Int 1, Per -2, Pre -6, Com -3, Str -4, Sta -1, Dex -3, Qui -3.

Adult Stats
Size: 0, Int 4, Per 1, Pre -2, Com 0, Str 0, Sta 2, Dex 0, Qui 0

Personality Traits: Fearless +3, Mischievous +2


Area Lore: Auberive France (Hidden trails) 2 (0),
Artes Lib 1 (5)
Athletics 1 (5), Awareness 2 (15),
Brawl 1 (5),
Church Lore 1 (5),
Concentration 2 (15),
Guile 2 (15),
Language (French Dialect) 5 (0),
Latin (Calligraphy) 4 (50),
Leadership 2 (15),
Magic Theory 2 (24)
Penetration 1 (12)
Single Weapon 1 (13)
Second Sight 2 (10)
Stealth 1 (5),
Order of Hermes Lore 0 (2),

Creo 7 (32)
Perdo 3 (8)
Auram 7 (29)
Ignem 7+3 (30)
Terram 5 (17)

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