Founded: 1172
Status: Spring

The Covenant of Luctatio, located in Lombardy, is oddly spread about. It maintains a small manner in the countryside of Milan, a townhouse in Milan, a tower in Pavia, and the usual townhouse in Venice. Although the Covenant is not as opulent as Harco, Luctatio is relatively well-off. On occasion, the Covenant has hosted other Magi in the Venice townhouse and those Magi have always gone away impressed.

The Tytalus of Luctatio are among the most competitive of their House, thriving on conflict in ways even other Tytalus consider extreme. It was the local competition, both mercantile and magical, that drew this newly arrived group of Tytalus to the Roman Tribunal. Among other things, Luctatio is playing a game with the cities of Milan in Pavia. The Covenant is split into two groups, each influencing the destiny of the chosen city. The Magus Er sits on the Council of Pavia, and is helped by Flaren and Notatio, in Milan, both Mario and Paul sit on the Council. The Magus Turati stipulates the rules on how each city government can be manipulated, and decides when one side and city is defeating the other, be the contest and trade, land acquisition, or war Magvillus would be most distressed if it's Quaesitoris learned of Luctatio's political gain.

Within the Tribunal, Luctatio plays other Covenants against each other, gaining power as the intensity of conflicts arise between them; Luctatio always allies with the winning side. Helping other Covenants in their plots, Luctatio is popular in the Tribunal and respect as an ally by most. Only Magvillus as opposed to Luctatio, mainly because the Magi of Luctatio use popular dislike for Quaesitoris as a tool in their manipulations.

Current Relations with Andorra

  • Unknown.
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