Age: 36
Warping: 1 (5)
(Current to 1234)

Characteristics: Int +1, Per +3, Str -1, Sta 0, Pre -3, Com 0, Dex +1, Qik +3
Virtues: Strong Goblin Blood, Custos, Puissant Awareness, Educated, Shapechanger, Lightning Reflexes, Shapechange Other*
Flaws: Dwarf, Avaricious (major), Supernatural Nuisance (pixies), Covenant Upbringing
Personality Traits: Loyal to friends +3, Loyal to the Order -2, Brave -2, Avaricious +3, Sarcastic +2, Secretive +2

Area Lore: Bavaria 2
Area Lore: Saxony 2
Artes Liberales (reading) 1
Awareness 4 (hearing) +2
Bows (game) 5
Brawl (dodging) 3
Folk Ken (common folk) 3
Guile (lying to authority) 4
Hunt (deer) 4
Language: German (slang) 5
Language: Greek (church usage) 4
Language: Latin (off-color language) 4
Legerdemain (picking pockets) 2
Profession: Chef (roast beast) 4
Second Sight (seeing invisible) 4
Shapechange (bat) 4
Stealth 4 (sneaking around) +1
Survival (finding fresh water) 3

Not very combatly, Ludwig was selected as Vulcanus' "shield grog" due to his usefulness in the field. Vulcanus and Bernhard both appreciate the skill and resourcefulness of the little goblin, who in turn appreciates the hazard pay despite enjoying the safest place on any battlefield: hiding behind the big knight and the angry bear.

After a jaunt through Faerie assisting Beechleaf of Merinita, Ludwig was "rewarded" for his "leal" service with the eternal "assistance" of some very friendly, very helpful, adorable little pixies. The two little faeries delight in being as positive and cheerful as possible, to the sarcastic gobber's eternal annoyance and embarrassment. (Their names are Twinkle and Sparkle, but Ludwig refers to them as 'Twit' and 'Twat')

A natural shapeshifter, Ludwig can take the shape of only black animals: bat, raven, black fox, manta ray.

After consuming a rook of Animal vis ("It smelled like bacon! What'd'you expect me to do?!"), Ludwig can cause a human being he touches to shapeshift into an animal shape which closely reflects their personality (and can dispel the effect with another touch).

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