Lux, Elaine's Phoenix

Lux was once the familiar of Elaine of Flambeau. When the maga neared Final Twilight, she planned to transform herself into a valkyrie. Before she left for Valhalla, though, she developed a ritual to transform her familiar into an phoenix egg, so that if Elaine died or passed into Final Twilight, the bird would not perish; instead, she would lie dormant until the flame and tears of another phoenix could hatch her.

While the ritual was successful, Lux is the same and yet different. She retains all the knowledge of her past life, but she is in many ways a new bird. For one thing, she emerged from her shell with a powerful craving for fish sticks and custard…

Int +3 Per +2
Str -5 Sta +2
Pre +1 Com +2
Dex +1 Qik +2

Magic Animal;
Essential Virtue: Magnificent Appearance (presence), Improved Characteristics x3, Second Sight, Enchanting Music, Free Expression, Homing Instinct, Unaffected by the Gift;
Magical Friend, Warped Senses (sensitive to cold), Bound to Magic, Driven (strong sense of justice), Visions

Size -2
Season: Autumn (720 exp)

Abilities: Artes Liberales 2 (logic), Athletics 5 (flight), Awareness 3 (alertness), Brawl 5 (dodge), Chirurgy 3 (cauterization, lol), Code of Hermes 1, Concentration 1, Enchanting Music 3, Finesse 1 (ignem), Folk Ken 4 (empathy), Leadership (birds) 2, Magic Lore 3 (creatures of fire), Magic Theory 5 (ignem), Medicine 3 (diseases), Music 5 (phoenix song), Order of Hermes Lore 3 (Flambeau), Penetration 6 (ignem), Philosophiae 3 (moral philosophy), Second Sight 3

Personality traits: Magnificent appearance (presence) +3, Sense of justice +3, Soft-hearted +1

Total Might: 42
Base Might: 36
Might +2 from Size -2; Might +4 from Improved Might x4

Magical Qualities: Greater Immunity to Fire, Ritual Power x4, Focus Power, Greater Power x3, Lesser Power x2, Personal Power x2, No Fatigue (or Fatigue Mastery?), Improved Might x4, Improved Recovery, Improved Defense (claws);
Magic Inferiorities: Ignem Monstrosity (bursts into flame when excited or feeling threatened), Restricted Power x3

Powers: Rebirth of the Phoenix (10pts; when the phoenix is critically injured it bursts into flame and is reborn from its own ashes), Healing (restricted: heals with its tears), Grant Minor Virtue: Rapid Convalescence (restricted: confers virtue with its tears), Crafter of Ignem (restricted: must sing), Last Flight of the Phoenix (5 Might, Init -3), Ball of Abysmal Flame (Might: 0, Init -3), Empathic Communication (CrMe base 4, +3 Sight; Might cost 0), Grant Puissance in Leadership, Sight Beyond Sight, Hands of the Magical Animal

Beast Qualities: Defensive Fighter, Fast Flyer, Hardy, Keen Eyesight, Large Claws, Thick Feathers, Tough Hide

Soak: 5
Large Claws: Init +2, Atk +11, Dfn +13, Dmg +0

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