Magi of Andorra


  • Carmen Perez of Flambeau. Pontifex Maxima, Treasurer. Heir to Antonio, this bold maga wields the power of Lightning
  • The Spider: Arachné filia Cletho Ex Miscellanea Aranea Ab Andorra. Pontifex Majore, Warden, she became Pontifex Majore in Summer 1236. A rustic maga that specialises in traps and magic supression.
  • Solomon of Guernicus, Pontifex, Inquisitor, Pontifex Minore since 1238. A pious magus plagued by a demon, dedicating his investigative abilities to the Order.


  • Lucas de Mercere, Master, Herald, Deputy Librarian, a friendly Mutantes shapeshifter that wants to create a new Great Library
  • Roberto, Master, Marshal, the quintessential Flambeau; a veteran soldier and adventurer. Mentor to Dora.
  • Vibria of Flambeau. Mistress. A dragon-blooded maga who can both resist and breathe fire…
  • Vocis of Tremere, Grandmaster, Chief Librarian and Grand Master since 1236. A magus whose spells can last more, or less, what they should, this potent illusionist is also a family man
  • Fleur of Bonisagus




Former Andorran Magi



  • Esteban of Jerbiton. Past Master. An old flame of Carmen, this handsome and daring magus uses his gentle gift to breach the gap between the Order and Mundane society.
  • Fédora of Mercere, past Mistress and former Herald. A beautiful Redcap of royal blood, wife of Vulcanus, mother of four children.
  • Gardaitis of Flambeau. Visitor. Worn down by years of conflict, this magus from the school of Apromor still tries to protect the innocents he's saved.
  • Guillaume of Flambeau, Past Master, warrior and hoplite. His uncanny abilities with Metamagic let him cast about any spell he can conceive.
  • Pere Vilaro Ferrer of Jerbiton, Journeyman, a lazy Mentem master with a weakness for pretty faces
  • Tertio of Flambeau, a young magus from Apromor's lineage, searching for ancient Val-Negra
  • Tiana of Mercere, Mistress, Herald. An enchanting Redcap whose gift with tongues is unparalleled.
  • Vulcanus of Flambeau, Master, Artifex. Descended from the Valdarian lineage, able to craft the most wondrous weapons and armors.

1220 and before

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