Marcellus Theodoricus of Verditius

Marcellus would have made a fine Bjornaer magus, but fate and the fulfillment of a promise sent him into training as an enchanter instead. This does not matter to him, for he believes that things always work out for the best. So why cry on the past when the future is so bright?

Of rather average apprearance and stature, Marcellus has brown hair and eyes that see more than they appear to. His face is a big uneven, with slightly crooked and yellowed teeth, with a small scar on his lower lip and chin. He often looks awkward and unsure of himself, but whenever he walks his steps are precise and unusually well-balanced.

Joining Andorra straight out of Gauntlet is a bit daunting for him, for he has heard some very impressive stories about the inhabitants of this strange covenant, which stands apart from the surrounding Tribunals.

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