Marcellus Of Verditius Library

For now, Marcellus has very little in the way of a personal library. He only has the laboratory text ffrom his Gauntlet's "masterpiece".

Laboratory Texts

Invested Devices


Lesser Enchantments

Drum of the Fearful Wildling (ReAn 20)

Vis Cost: 2 pawns
Description: This lab text describes the creation of the body of a small iron drum that, when the skin mounted on it is struck, instills fear in a wild animal (similar to the spell *Panic of the Elephant’s Mouse*, ArM5 p.120).
Effect: Base 5, +2 Voice, +1 Diam
S&M Bonuses: Drum (+2 cause fear)
Enchantment: Level 20, +2 for 1 use per day

Charged Items



Untranslated notes for spells known to Marcellus.

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