Lady's maid and seamstress for Cecilia de Mercere

Margarita was born in the poorest part of Barcelona. Her father died when she was three in a fight at an ale house. Her mother died in a fire a few years later when the tavern that she worked at caught fire. Margarita was taken in by a kindly old woman who lived nearby. But when Margarita was only ten, the old woman died of illness and Margarita was on her own again. She fell in with a local criminal who first used her as a distraction and then moved her up to picking pockets herself. It wasn't until she was thirteen that her luck took a turn for the better. As it happened, Cecelia de Mercere was in Barcelona visiting the covenant there. Margarita tried to pick Cecilia's pocket and the Redcap caught her at it. But Cecilia took sympathy on the girl and rather than turn her in, offered her an opportunity to turn her life around. Cecilia said that if she was willing to do an honest day's work, Margarita could come work for her. Never happy with the life that was forced upon her, Margarita leaped at the chance and has been working for Cecilia ever since.

Characteristics: Int +1, Per +1, Com -2, Pre -2, Str +1, Sta +1, Dex +4, Qik +1
Size: 0
Age: 24 (24)
Date: Winter 1244
Chonology: Born outside of Barcelona in 1220; orphaned in 1226; became a thief in 1230; came to work for Cecilia in 1233
Decrepitude: 0(0)
Warping: 0 (0)
Virtues: Great Dexterity, Light Touch, Luck
Flaws: Compassionate, Disfigured (port wine stain on face), Raised in the Gutter
Personality Traits: Cautious +1, Compassionate +3, Loyal +2
Reputations: none


Ability Specialty Score Experience
Animal Handling poultry 1 5
Area Lore: Andorra Covenant people 2 15
Area Lore: Barcelona poorest district 2 15
Athletics running 3 30
Awareness alertness 3 30
Bargain basic needs 2 15
Brawl dodging 3 30
Carouse fending off men 1 5
Charm looking innocent 3 30
Craft: Seamstress repairs 4 50
Etiquette covenfolk 1 5
Folk Ken covenfolk 2 15
Guile for self-preservation 2 15
Intrigue rumormongering 2 15
Legerdemain picking pockets 4 50
Living Language: Occitan - Catalan (native) lower-class slang 5 75
Music singing 2 15
Profession: Servant Lucas's needs 5 75
Ride donkeys 1 5
Stealth hiding 2 15
Survival urban 2 15


1239: Craft: Seamstress 20xp
1240: Prof: Servant 10 xp; AH: poultry 5 xp; Etiquette 5 xp
1241: Prof: Servant 10xp; AL Andorra 10 xp
1242: Folk Ken 10 xp; Charm 10 xp
1243: Music 15 xp; AL: Andora 5 xp

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