Maria de Mercere

Maria is a real charmer. Carefree and generally very happy, she gets along with most everyone, and everyone gets along with her. She has true empathy.

Year: Winter, 1242
Age: 10
Size: -1


Int -1
Per -1
Str -2
Sta -1
Pre +1
Com -1
Dex -2
Qik -2


Faerie Blood: Sidhe (General, minor)
Second Sight (Supernatural, minor)
Educated (General, minor, bonus)


Infatuation - Roberto (Story, minor)
Carefree (Personality, minor)
Ability Block - Martial (General, minor)


Area Lore: Majorca (places) 2
Artes Liberales (music) 1
Athletics (running) 1
Awareness (alertness) 1
Brawl (dodge) 1
Charm (first impressions) 3
Etiquette (magi) 1
Folk Ken (town folk) 1
French: Bourgengion (conversation) 4
Guile (looking innocent) 1
Hunt (falconry) 1
Latin (conversation) 4
Music (singing) 1
Occitan: Catalan (extensive vocabulary) 5
Philosophiae (natural philosophy) 1
Ride (staying in the saddle) 1
Second Sight (seeing invisible things) 2
Spanish: Castillian (conversation) 4
Stealth (sneaking) 1
Swim (staying afloat) 1


Curious +1
Compassionate +2
Carefree +2

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