Marie Noris Of Tytalus
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Marie Noris filia Amelie, ex Tytalus
Marie was born into a Nuremberg (German) shopkeeper family. Because of her gift, she was an unpopular little telltale. So everyone breathed a secret sigh of relief when a weird woman took her away. Mistress Amelie ex Tytalus, a rather incompetent yet overconfident generalist started to teach her the arts. Early in Marie's apprenticeship, Mistress Amelie decided to explore the fate of Tytalus the Founder. She didn't succeed of course, but was turned into a woodlouse by a mighty Fairie (is it that what happened to Tytalus?). 9-year-old Marie inadvertently makes a deal with the fairie: She loses her two hands but gets her Mistress back. The damage cannot be undone with any known spell, but Amelie keeps her, because it's a challenge and also because she is grateful for being saved. She's not quite up to the challenge: Marie learns less than a normal apprentice. Towards the end of her apprenticeship, Marie announces that she wants to join the Merinita-dominated Elder Gild, which is a very creative, and typically Tytalus way of giving Mistress Amelie the finger. Master Greenleaf, a good-humoured Irencilla magus becomes her mentor, and uses the gild training to correct Amelie's botched teachings. He also uses his fairie connections trying to find out if Marie can be cured, but the best he gets is the hint that Marie should fight at the side of the knights of Seneca.
Marie passes her Gauntlet by outsmarting Amelie and departs for Catalonia the very next day.
There she sets up a lab and travels Iberia. Once in a while, she gets back to Germany to meet with her mentor.
Marie has only shoulder-long dark brown hair and cunning hazel eyes. Her physique is rather lissom, apart from her thin arms that end in brutal stumps, which spoils the amiable impression. She's not a young girl anymore, but has the confident smile of a woman who has seen worse.

Characteristics: Int 2, Per 1, Str -3, Sta 2, Pre 0, Com 0, Dex 0, Qik 3
Size: 0
Age: 42 (apparent age: 37)
Decrepitude: 0
Warping Score: 1(3)
Confidence Score: 2(5)
Virtues and Flaws: The Gift; Hermetic Maga; Major Magical Focus (Telekinesis); Affinity with Finesse, Affinity with Rego, Elder gild trained, Mastered spells, Puissant Rego, *self-confident, Subtle Magic, tough; Greater Malediction: No hands, Major Driven (Getting her Hands back); Ability Block Martial, Optimistic, Weak Parens
Personality Traits: crafty +3, self-reliant +2, brave+2
Reputations: -

Weapon/Attack Init Atk Dfn Dam
Kick* +2 +1 +2 -1

  • three extra botch dice (untrained)

Soak: +2+3=+5
Fatigue Levels: OK, 0, -1, -3, -5, Unconscious
Wound Penalties: -1 (1-5), -3 (6-10), -5 (11-15), Incapacitated (16-20), Dead (21+)
Abilities: Arabic (warriors) 2, Area Lore Catalonia (geography) 1, Area Lore Granada (nobility) 1, Artes Liberales (Ritual Magic) 2, Athletics (running) 1, Awareness (alertness) 1, Bargain (old men) 2, Charm (Merchants) 1, Code of Hermes (Fairies) 2, Concentration (battle) 2(2), Etiquette (Merchants) 2, Fairie Lore (deals) 2, Finesse (precision) 5 [Affinity included], Folk Ken (discover lies) 2, German (Franconian) 5, Guile (townsfolk) 2, Magic Lore (Monsters) 1, Magic Theory (Rego) 5(4), Latin (Hermetic) 4, Leadership (Grogs) 1, Occitan (Catalan) 3, Order of Hermes Lore (House Merinita) 1, Parma Magica (Mentem) 6, Penetration (Mentem) 2(1), Profession (Scribe) 1(2), Stealth (sneaking) 1.
(abilities: 594 xp)
Arts: Cr 10(5) Int 6, Mu 6, Pe 6, Re 17+3, An 6, Aq 1, Au 1, Corpus 6, Herbam 6, Ignem 6, Imagonem 6, Mentem 7, Terram 6, Vim 9.
(Arts: 426 xp)
Twilight Scars: -
Equipment: Wizard's robes, belt with pouches and knife, Rowan Tiara (worn)
Glove of Vigor, activated by wearing and touching the other person's brow, usually given to the least competent grog.
4 Pawns of Corpus Vis, worn as a simple necklace
Encumbrance: 0 (0)
Spells Known (Focus+Mastery included in casting totals, talisman not included):
Transported by God's Hand (ReCo(Im)20) +35, Mastery 1: multiple targets.
Leap of Homecoming (ReCo35) +28
The Treacherous Spear (ReHe25) +35, Mastery 1: Multiple Casting
Pilum of Fire (CrIg20) +19, Mastery 1: multiple casting
Vision of Heat's Light (InIg20) +14
Disguise of the Transformed Image (MuIm 15) +14
Veil of Invisibility (PeIm20) +14
Wizard's Sidestep (ReIm10) +29, Mastery 1: Fast Casting
*Restore the moved Image (ReIm7) +29, Mastery 1: Penetration
Call to Slumber (ReMe10) +30, Mastery 1: Penetration
Aura of Rightful Authority (ReMe20) +30
Rusted decay of 10-score years (PeTe10) +15, Mastery 1: Multiple Casting
The Unseen porter (ReTe10) +34
*Wielding the invisible sling (ReTe10)+34
Stretch the Unseen Arm (ReTe10, R:Sight) +35, Mastery 1: Multiple Casting
The Earth split asunder (ReTe 30) +29, Mastery 1: Multiple Casting
*Ward against demons (ReVi30) +32, Mastery 1: Fast casting
Watching Ward (ReVi35) +31
(* Standard spell invented by Marie, **new spell invented by Marie – explained below if necessary)
(250xp for spells bought with xp: spells taught or invented from a lab text)

Lab texts for longevity potion (31: -7, Mag Theory 4)
Lab text for Glove of Vigor (Magic Theory 6), Gift of Vigor (ReMe20), unlimited uses, level: 30.

Sigil: unseen hands seem to be involved
Definition: Telekinesis focus. Telekinesis covers all spells that move an object or person (not thought, sensation) that was there before (a stone, person, weapon, cloud; not a Pilum of Fire) by mental control (D: Concentration/Moment, or some other obvious concentration element) along a clearly visible course (not: Leap of Homecoming!) through the air or the water.

New spells:
- Transported by God's Hand (ReCo(Im)20)
R: Voice D: Con. T: Ind.
The target (up to size 1) feels like it is gently taken by two invisible hands at the waist and moved about slowly in any direction the caster wants (like rising smoke). This allows the caster to fly, or to grab somebody, lift him and drop him somewhere (a Finesse of 9+ roll is required to drop the target onto something or somebody, modified by the size of the object or person you want to hit. Damage for the person moved and the person she gets dropped onto is falling damage.

-Glove of Vigor: An fine brown leather glove for the left hand (man-sized). If the wearer touches another person's brow, they swap their fatigue if the person touched is more fatigued than the person who wears the glove. Marie makes incompetent grogs use this glove to reinvigorate her [Gift of Vigor (ReMe20), unlimited uses, level: 30, 7 pawns of vis].
- Rowan Crown: The Rowan Crown is a delicate tiara made from Rowan-wood. It is beautifully carved with Rowan leaves, flowers and pornes (berries). Seldom is Marie seen without her tiara. Not only does it protect her from evil magic, and facilitates magic that controls people but it also helps her cope with her disability. If the person who wears this tiara looks at an object and blinks twice, she can move it around. If she loses focus the object doesn't fall, but stays in mid-air. Marie uses this spell hundreds of time every day, and even though she could easily cast it herself, it is more comfortable for her this way. People often think that Marie's eyes are failing because they don't know why she blinks so often [Talisman: Shape – crown, material: Rowan, opened for: control people+3, +4 protection against malicious magic (From GotF p. 33), contains 4 pawns of vis: enchanted for 2 pawns filled by a level 20 effect: ReTe(He)5: Unseen Arm, unlimeted uses +10, +5 maintains concentration].

Creation details:
Total xp: 1270 xp = 75 Native language + 45 early childhood + 30 childhood + 240 apprentice + 120 spells apprentice + 760 post apprentice (an avarage of exactly 10xp/season). Xp gained from virtues: 50 spell mastery + 90 gild trained – 90 weak parens + 35 rego affinity + 25 xp finesse affinity. Not included are 2 items with a total level of 50 and 87 levels of spells invented without using a source). I had to take the weak parens flaw because I needed a Hermetic flaw.

Early childhood (first 5 years):
Little Marie realizes early that her brother is more popular than she is. She starts to invent stories about her brother and recounts his misdeeds to her parents gleefully, but everyone still prefers him, rather than the tooth-gapped little telltale.
Native Language German (Franconian) 5
Athletics 1 (running)
Guile 2 (discover lies)
Folk Ken 2 (townsfolk)
Survival (urban) 1
Awareness (alertness) 1
Stealth (sneaking) 1

Childhood: Nuremberg shopkeeper/trader family
Year 6: Bargain (old men) 2
Year 7: Etiquette (merchants) 2

Year 8-22 Apprentice:
Artes Liberales (ritual magic) 1, Latin (Hermetic) 4, Magic Theory (Rego) 3, Order of Hermes Lore (Merinita) 5, Parma Magica (Mentem) 1, Penetration (Mentem) 1, Profession: Scribe 1. total: 105xp
Arts: Re: 14+3 (70xp x 1,5=105xp), Animal 1(1) (2xp) Te: 6 (21xp), Imag 5 (15xp): Mu 2(2) (5xp), Herbam 6 (21xp), Auram 1, 135 xp on Arts

Total: 135+105=240

Spells (120 levels):
The Earth split asunder (ReTe 30)
Rusted decay of 10-score years (PeTe10)
The Treacherous Spear (ReHe25)
The Unseen porter (ReTe10)
Aura of Rightful Authority (ReMe20)
Call to Slumber (ReMe10)
Disguise of the Transformed Image (MuIm 15)

Note: Those spells can all be learned by Marie. She has a Magic Theory of 3 +Rego specialization 1+ Rego 17+Terram /Herbam 6+2 Intelligence+3=32 Lab total.

Years after Apprenticeship
(19 years x 4 seasons x10 xp = 760xp. All spells that are based on library lab texts are included at a cost of 1xp/level):
Year 23, winter: Travel to Andorra (exposure 5xp). Area Lore Catalonia (Geography) 1.
Year 23, spring and summer: She sets up a lab (4 xp exposure). Magic Theory 3(4).
Year 23, fall: Marie reads "Dominion over God's creatures" from the library (19xp). Animal 6.
28xp (28 of 760)

Year 24 winter and, spring: She reads in Bonisagus' "Corpus Hermeticum" for two seasons (2x12xp). Magic theory 4(Cool.
Year 24, summer and fall: She reads "Eye of Aggamatto" by Tressa of Tremere, and gets 28xp. Mentem 7.
52xp (80 of 760)

Year 25: All year, Marie reads in the "Liberi de creationé" (4x15xp): Cr10(5).
60xp (140 of 760)

Year, 26, winter: Marie reads "Riddles of Mars" (14xp). Ignem 4(4)
Year 26, spring, summer and fall: Marie reads all three books on Parma Magica: "The Sorceror's Shield", "Study on the Sorcerer's Shield" and "Aegis of the Magus" (36 xp). Parma Magica 3(11).
50xp (190 of 760)

Year 27: Marie goes adventuring (40xp)
Intellego 4 10xp
Perdo 4 10xp
Imagonem 6 6xp
Vim 3(1) 4xp
Parma Magica 4 9xp
Muto 3 1xp
Marie travels to Germany to obtain a block of high quality rowan wood and has a craftsman carve it into a wooden tiara, adorned with rowan leaves, flowers and pornes (berries).
40xp(230 of 760)

Year 28, winter: Marie reads "On transmutation" (14xp). Muto 5(5)
Year 28, summer and fall: Marie reads "The accurate Eye" and "Form and Finesse" (22xpx1,5=33xp). Finesse 3(3).
Year 28, winter: Marie invents for herself "Wizard's Sidestep" (ReIm10) and "Restore the Moved Image" (ReIm 7). Exposure 2x1,5xp=3xp. Rego 14(3).
38xp (268 of 760)

Year 29, winter and spring: Marie Reads "Corporeum" and "Summary on Corporeum" 21xp), Corpus 6
Year 29, summer: Marie invents Longevity potion, experimenting (-7 aging). Doesn't drink it yet. 2xp Concentration. Concentration (battle) 0(2).
She spends 3pvf
Year 29, fall: Marie reads "The Lance of Arioch" (11xp). Penetration (Rego) 2(1).
34xp (302 of 760)

Year 30, winter: reads "Corpus Hermeticum" (12xp). Magic Theory 4(20).
Year 30, spring: Marie learns and masters "Vision of Heat's Light" (InIg20) from the library, 2xp exposure. Ignem 5(1).
Year 30, summer: Marie invents the spells "Stretch the Unseen Arm" (ReTe10, R: sight) and "Wielding the invisible sling" (ReTe10) for herself, . 2xpx1,5=3xp. Rego 14(6)
Year 30, Fall: Marie attunes her Rowan tiara as her talisman. 2xp: concentration 0(4).
38xp (340 of 760)

Year 31 adventures (40 xp):
Parma Magica 4(10) 10xp
Ignem 6 5xp
Muto 6 1xp
Vim 3(2) 4xp
Finesse 3(10) 5xp (7xp)
Fairie Lore (Bargaining) 2 15xp
40xp (380 of 760)

Year 32, winter: Marie invents and "Veil of Invisibility" (PeIm20) from the library. 2xp exposure: Pe 4(2).
Year 32, spring: Marie herself invents the spell "Transported by God's Hand" (ReCo(Im)20). 2x1,5xp exposure=3xp. Rego 14(9).
Year 32, summer: Marie is taught the Arabic Script by a scholar (10xp): Artes Liberales (Rituals) 2
Year 32, fall: Marie prepares a glove for Enchantment. 2xp exposure Concentration 1(1).
50xp (432 of 760)

Year 33, winter: Marie goes adventuring (40xp)
Parma Magica 5 15xp
Rego 15(11) 11xp (11xpx1,5=17xp)
Finesse 4(11) 14xp (21xp)
40xp (372 of 760)

Year 34: adventures (40xp)
Finesse 4(17) 4xp (6xp)
Aquam 1 1xp
Charm (Merchants) 1 5xp
Rego 17(1) 15xp (22xp)
Leadership (Grogs) 0(2) 2xp
Vim 6 13xp
40xp (412 of 760)

Year 35: Marie consumes longevity potion at the beginning of winter. 1 Warping Point, Apparent Age: 35
Year 35, winter: Marie learns "Watching Ward" (ReVi 35) from the library, 2xp exposure. Vim 6(2)
Year 35, spring, and summer,: Mary enchants glove with a level 30 effect (unlimited "Gift of Vigor"). Exposure 4 xp. Magic Theory 4(24).
Year 35, Fall: Marie is taught Arabic (10xp): Arabic 1(5)
51xp (463 of 760)

Year 36: Adventures (40xp): +1 WP=2WPs, Apparent Age: 35
Code of Hermes (Fairies) 2 15xp
Leadership(Grogs) 1 3xp
Arabic (warriors) 1 5xp
Finesse (precision) 5 5xp (8xp)
Int 5(1), Per 5(3) 12xp
40xp (503 of 760)

Year 37, : Adventure (40xp); +1 WP=3WPs, Apparent Age: 36
Int 6 5xp
Pe 6 3xp
Aq 2 2xp
Vim 7 5xp
Parma Magica 5(5) 5xp
Occitan (Catalan) 2(10) 20xp
40xp (543xp of 760)

Year 38: +1 WP=4WPs, Apparent Age: 36
Year 38, winter, spring and summer: Adventure (25xp);
Parma Magica 5(20) 15xp
Area L. Granada (nobility) 1 5xp
Concentration 1(5) 3xp

25xp (644 of 760)

Year 39: +1 WP=5WPs, Apparent Age: 36
Winter, spring Adventure (20xp):
Parma Magica 6 10xp
Concentration 1(7) 3xp
Scribe 1(4) 2xp
Magic Lore (Monsters) 1 5xp
Summer: Marie learns "Leap of Homecoming" (ReCo35) from the covenant library. 2xp exposure. Magic Theory 5, Concentration 1(Cool
Fall: Marie is taught Occitan (10xp). Occitan (Catalan) 3
67xp (713 of 760xp)

Year 40: +1 WP=6WPs, Apparent Age: 36
Year 40, winter: Marie reads "Fons et Origo" (11xp) Vim 8(3).
Year 40, spring, summer, fall: Marie invents "Ward against demons" (ReVi30) (6xp exposure). Vim 9
17 xp (730xp of 760)

Year 41: +1 WP=7WPs, Apparent Age: 37
Year 41, winter: Marie invents "Pilum of Fire" (CrIg20) from the library (2xp exposure). Concentration 2.
Year 41, spring: Marie extracts 4 pawns of vis in her lab. Exposure Magic Theory5(2)
Year 41, summer: Marie uses 2 pawns of Vis to prepare her tiara for enchantment. Opened for attunement: protection from malicious magic+4. 2xp experience Concentration 2(2)
Year 41, fall: Marie enchants her tiara with "Unseen Arm" (ReTe(He) 5, frequency unlimited+10, maintains concentration+5": level: 20. Opened for attunement: +3control people. 2 vis spent. Magic theory 5(4)
28xp (760 of 760)

Year 42: +1 WP=8WPs, Apparent Age: 37
Winter: Saga starts

14 pawns (10+1x4)
-3 longevity potion
-7 glove
+4 extracted
-4 Rowan Crown
Rest: 4 Pawns of Corpus Vis

Marie Noris' lab
I am interested in exploring the consequences of Marie's "hand"-ling her lab without using hands.

I based it on your default lab, and used the two lab-building seasons I had in my planning anyway to refine it to (+1). The other season is taken up in getting used to the labs "inhabitants", and making a deal with them to keep the lab spotless.

Marie's Lab:
Virtues: Default (+0 Superior Construction, +0 Defenses, +0 Magical Heating and Lighting), Lesser Horde (minor supernatural virtue), superior tools (free outfittings virtue), Guard (free outfittings virtue), spotless ("free" outfittings virtue)
Flaw: Subterranean (free structure flaw), chaotic (free supernatural flaw*), Inhabitants (free supernatural flaw*)
*typo in book: says minor flaw

Final Characteristics:
Size +0, Refinement +1, General Quality +1, Upkeep +1, Safety +0, Warping +1, Health +1, Aesthetics +5
Specialisations: (Texts+1 – not active), Experimentation+1, Items+1, Rego: +4, Creo+1, Te+1
Character of the lab: protective of Marie+1
Repuations (25xp):
Dangerous to enter (covenant) 2
Defended by magical creatures (Magi) 2
??? (???) 1

Marie's lab is in an underground cellar with a perfectly flat stone floor and a solid oak door that displays the sanctum marker. Marie did not spend much time on personalizing her lab, but just used it as a learning base for her quest for a cure of her affliction. Since Marie can hardly ever move anything in her lab without casting some of Telekinesis spell or other, many of her lab items quickly became warped. Now, the more commonly used lab items have developed a rudimentary free will and float through the lab even when not animated by Marie. These lab tools are trying to be helpful (but are in fact a safety risk sometimes) and seem to be protective of Marie: In the beginning years at Andorra, Marie used to employ a servant to do the menial tasks in the lab for her. But the lab items developed a disliking of the servant and finally even attacked him by dropping themselves onto his head or making him stumble. Since the lab items' personality was created by Marie's spells, it is possible for her to communicate with them by using surprisingly easy spontaneous InTe/InHe magic. Marie has since negotiated with the items: They promised to keep the lab spotless, but want to have a say who Marie invites into her lab. They've also threatened to attack any unannounced intruder they don't like. To make sure that no child at the covenant accidentally enters her lab, she has a grog sit at its entrance day and night.
Old or broken lab items and tools are buried by Marie in a special "tools graveyard" in a corner of her lab.

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