Marius of Scholomance

Marius saw the power of the village wise women when he was young, and it became his lifelong ambition to have that power for himself- his entire life was dedicated to gaining The Gift which he was not born with. He studied everything he could of it, and even went so far as to bribe a magistrate to allow him to sacrifice a condemned criminal, though the magistrate believed he was merely studying the body for medical research. A tremere magus however saw the body afterwards and recognized the ability behind it, and recruited Marcus as a student at scholomance, where he then turned around and served as a teacher.


Int 2 Per 1
Pre 2 Com 3
Str -2 Sta -1
Dex -1 Quick -1


wealthy(major +3)
good teacher(minor +1)
mild aging(minor +1)
puissant teaching(minor +1)
arcane lore(minor +1)
educated(minor +1)
hermetic experience(minor +1)
priveledged upbringing(minor +1)


dark secret(major -3)
motion sickness(minor -1)
driven(major -3)
magical fascination(minor -1)
visions(minor -1)
no sense of direction(minor -1)


Romanian 5
Area Lore -Eastern Muldavia 5
Guile 2
Stealth 2
Survival 2
Latin 5
Artes Liberales 6
teaching 7+2
Magic Lore 7
Faerie Lore 7
Infernal Lore 5
intrigue 3
medicine 5
Apothocary 4
chirurgy 1
Arabic 4
Philosphae 7
Profession -scribe 5
Classic Greek 4
intrigue 1
Mythic Europe Lore 2

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