Mercere Quarter

Andorra covenant is host to a Mercere Quarter that tends three portals, one to Harco, one to Doissetep, and one to Barcelona. It is housed primarily in a tower in the outer courtyard of Arans Castle.

Andorra has further agreed that it will have at least one member that is a Magus of House Mercere. If the seat is vacant, House Mercere may assign one at their discretion. The covenant may invoke the right to require House Mercere to provide up to three candidates. At present Lucas fills that role.

The following Redcaps are known to reside in the Mercer House:

  • Pheidippides, the chief Redcap stationed at Arans Castle
  • Cecilia, wife to Lucas
  • Dominic, born in Harco and very connected in the Redcap gossip network
  • Fergus, raised in Hibernia, he is extremely clever and a master at chess; has red hair
  • Katherin, from Loch Leglean; has a way with the wilderness and wild animals
  • Rilcheaux, who is known to be a userer
  • Tomas, from Iberia; old and semi-retired, he no longer delivers messages, but works in the Mercere tower doing administration; majorly warped from his longevity ritual
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