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Micaela appears to be a tiny, cute, young (She’ll stop apparent aging when she gets to 17.) girl with scary, bright red eyes. If it weren’t for her eyes and her serious nature, many might call her pretty. She has long, blonde hair and smooth, pale skin that never does seem to tan. As she stands only 4’8” tall and weighs 80 lb (She’ll finish growing at 5’ tall and 95 lb.), she should be anything but intimidating. But the effects of her Gift result in a focus on her eyes and a characterization of creepy despite the rest of her appearance. Even magical beings, and especially those associated with Corpus, generally find her to be an abomination.

Mica remembers many of her father’s lessons, especially as he keeps repeating many of them to her now as a ghost. Having been raised in House Tremere she believes devoutly in their ideology and that their methods will succeed regardless of any setbacks. This is becoming even more so as she goes through apprenticeship. Even though she was quite young, her father drilled her on poise and language. “Speak properly or not at all.” “Walk with authority.” While her father wanted her to have her own thoughts, she should behave as a perfectly obedient child. And so she has become the prim and proper devout Tremere apprentice she is today.


Micaela was born to a necromancer, Francisco of Tremere, and his wife, Michelle, in 1216. Her mother died before Mica was born, and to save his child Francisco performed necromantic magic on Michelle's body. While this allowed her to survive and be born, coming to full term and being delivered by what was essentially a zombie forever altered Mica. She will always bear the marks of being attached to ghosts and zombies.

Her father, Francisco of Tremere, raised her at wingraven for ten years before taking her as his apprentice. Though not a mean father, he was quite strict. He showed Mica love no matter what, but he also insisted on propriety from her. He wanted her to understand how to toe the line in House Tremere and how to excel within such an environment. He insisted on waiting for her tenth birthday before actually opening her arts, though. He wanted her to have as much of a childhood as she could first. He even took her to where he grew up in Barcelona and where her mother grew up near Marseille so she would understand her mundane roots better. But Mica always looked forward to her tenth birthday with excitement, even naming her birthdays backward as a countdown toward her apprenticeship.

About a year after he opened Mica's arts, Francisco attempted to turn himself into a living corpse. Although he successfully became a ghost, in his death throws he broke the circle meant to contain him, causing his spells to fail and his ghost not to be trapped. In the event of failure he had left three letters. One willed his apprentice to Vocis of Tremere, "Uncle Vocis" being his closest non-necromancer friend; one explained to Vocis what had happened and asked that he lead Micaela away from necromancy, fearing she might meet the same end; and the last was a set of instructions for Micaela, telling her how to proceed. As a ghost Francisco became bound to his daughter and was able to direct her to the letters and provide guidance en route to Clair de Lune.

Having read the letters after her arrival at Clair de Lune, Vocis took Micaela as his apprentice. She has now spent two years living with Uncle Vocis and Aunt Amelia as Vocis's apprentice. She tries to get along well with his family despite her eyes and her Gift and has developed a bit of a crush on Gerard, though she would never let that interfere with her apprenticeship. Being Vocis's apprentice and becoming a Tremere maga is by far the most important thing to her.

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