Octavian's Laboratory

Laboratory and Sanctum:

The Silent Tower was originally built to hold prisoners of repute at Andorra. As such, the tower is secluded at the far side of the keep, away from the other towers of the coven. Over time, the tower no longer housed any occupants and one of the magi with an unhealthy obsession with birds converted it into an aviary. When the Order of Seneca took over, they did not share the same fascination and drove most of the avians away. However, Francisco Florenzo of Flambeau did see the use of maintaining some form of mundane communication and kept carrier pigeons within the tower. Later, when members of House Mercere began settling the coven, the magi saw little need with continuing the practice and released the pigeons. The birds however chose to stay and took to nesting on the rooftop. Instead, the tower was converted into an infrequently used communal laboratory intended only for particularly dangerous or sensitive experimentation.

In 1211, Octavian joined the coven at Andorra. Many of the magi were distrustful of the young Tremere and had no objection when he asked to occupy the tower as his sanctum and laboratory. In the intervening years, Octavian’s duties have kept him mostly away but he has resided there enough for his Gift to scare away the pigeons. Since then a murder of crows has now taken up residence in the abandoned nests.

The tower is 3 to 4 stories high (see below). The first floor operates as a meeting area and further houses a custos and a maid. Octavian’s personal chambers and solarium are on the 2nd floor. The lab itself is on the third floor.


  • Gallery (minor): The fourth floor was removed when the tower was converted into an aviary. In its place a circular gallery along the walls was added to better observe the birds. The birds also frequently used the railing to perch and be fed by the caretaker. +1 Safety, +1 Aesthetics, +1 Teaching.
  • Defenses (Free): An inner portcullis can be drawn to keep occupants from leaving or entering. The former was originally used to prevent prisoners from escaping. Later, it allowed the magi to contain any lab mishaps from endangering the rest of the keep. The mechanism lies between both portcullis and is manned out of sight by a custos. +1 Aesthetics.
  • Superior Construction (Free): Thick sturdy walls allowed for the floors to be built out of stone rather than wood. +1 Safety, +1 Aesthetics.
  • Grand Entrance (free): As quaesitors are often required to mediate or settle disputes privately between parties, Octavian had the first floor refurbished to conduct such business. He took care to not include the area into his sanctum so as not to threaten others. The first floor of the tower contains an antechamber, a meeting room that doubles as a dining room, and other accommodations for visitors. +2 Aesthetics.
  • Elevated (free): Octavian’s sanctum lies in a tower of the coven. +1 Au, +1 Aesthetics.
  • Guard (free): A custos resides between the two portcullises in an adjacent room and controls traffic to and from the tower. +1 Aesthetics.
  • Magical Heating (free): The infestation of crows has forced the occupants to rely on magical heating and lighting for the entirety of the tower. The lighting is sparse on the top 2 floors however. +1 Health, +1 Aesthetics, +1 Ig
  • Person (free): A homely maid by the name of Marjolaine resides on the first floor of the tower. She is slightly infatuated with the darkly alluring master of the tower although she is uncomfortable at the sight of his eyes. Often the lone occupant of the tower other than the guard, she views the tower very much as her own home. -1 Safety, +1 Me.
  • Spotless & Highly Organized (free): While Octavian’s study requirement and duties keep him mostly away; Marjolaine hopes to attract his attention through exemplary service and makes certain to keep the laboratory impeccable. +1 General Quality, +1 Upkeep, +1 Aesthetics, +1 Cr.
  • Superior Tools (free): Marjolaine has made sure to stock her master’s laboratory with the finest tools the covenfolk can spare. +1 Safety, +1 Items.


  • Empty (free): The third floor of the tower formerly held two floors. When it was converted into an aviary, the magus had the fourth floor removed to create a higher ceiling to allow the birds more freedom of movement. This has made it more difficult to heat and light the laboratory and forces Marjolaine to employ ladders to maintain the cleanliness of the lab. +1 Upkeep, -1 Aesthetics.
  • Gaudy (free): Once used as a communal lab, many of the former magi have left their mark with contrasting decoration. Octavian views the clash of shapes and colors interesting. +1 Upkeep, -1 Aesthetics, +1 Im.
  • Infested (free): Crow’s nests litter the shaded side of the roof. The birds have become territorial and have proven resistant to mundane attempts to remove them. When Octavian is occupying the tower, the birds become agitated by his Gift; a telltale sign of the magus’ presence. The windows of the tower are kept closed or shuttered to avoid the birds’ entry. -1 Safety, -1 Aesthetics, +1 An.
  • Defective Lighting (minor): The lab proper only has windows near the roof allowing only diffuse sunlight to illuminate the area. Even with magical lighting, the high ceiling requires more lighting. Octavian’s natural eyesight is able to compensate for this and as such as he has not made any effort to remedy the situation. -1 General Quality, -1 Upkeep, -1 Safety, -1 Aesthetics.


Aesthetics +5, General Quality +0, Health +1, Safety +0, Size 0, Upkeep +1, Warping 0.


Items +1, Teaching +1, Cr +1, Ig +1, Im +1, Me +1.

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