Para Belli

Founded: 1099
Status: Summer

Also known as the Covenant of Lions, Para Belli (“For War”) takes the form of a fortress hidden in the Sinai desert. It was founded in 1099, just after the First Crusade, as a safe haven for magi of the Order and a training camp for young warriors of House Flambeau. Currently headed by two firm friends, Tiberius of Flambeau and Leo of Bjornaer, the covenant takes little interest in tribunal politics. It supports Foothold’s desire for continued conflict with the Muslims, but beyond that it prefers its isolation. Like the magi of Foothold, the quaesitores of the tribunal suspect this covenant’s magi of involvement in Crusader battles against the Muslims, but nothing has been proven so far.

The covenant is known as the Covenant of Lions for several reasons. Leo’s heart-beast is a lion, and he has a number of lion companions. Tiberius has a lion familiar named Atlas. The covenant is also protected by two animated lion statues. This noble image is one which the two senior magi are happy to propagate.

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