Pere Vilaro's Grimoire


Muto Corpus

The Tireless Soldier, MuCo(An) 5
Base 2, +1 Touch, +2 Sun
The target is better able to walk long distances, gaining a +3 on all Athletics (hiking) rolls. [Spell uses the MuCo(An) spells of Marcus of Criamon (MoH) as loose benchmarks for a ‘minor ability’.]


Creo Mentem

All is Well, CrMe 15
Base 4, +1 Eye, +2 Sun
The target is filled with a feeling of calm, overwhelming any other emotions that may be present. The target remains calm throughout the duration of the spell, though he will otherwise react normally (i.e. defending himself if attacked).

The Silent Conspiracy, CrMe 15
Base: 3, R: Sight +3, D: Concentration +1, T: Individual
While the caster concentrates, they can form words directly into the mind of anyone within sight. The target recognizes your voice and knows the message is of supernatural origin.
Judia of Tremere developed this spell so that she could coach or direct her consortis when he was speaking to mundanes on her behalf. Given her gift, this allowed her to remain back from the conversation, though still within earshot, whilst still having control over any terms of deals or bargains struck.

Rego Mentem

Quid Nunc, ReMe 15
Base: 5, R: Touch +1, D: Diameter +1, T: Individual
Target is inclined to say whatever is on his or her mind. This spell was invented by Menotti ex Miscellanea whose curious apprentice would often have questions but was afraid to ask them.

Mind Trick of the Tremere, ReMe 20
Base: 5, R: Eye +1, D: Sun +2, T: Individual
Inclines a person to agree with your statements as if they were already established fact and not open to question. If the statement is clearly at odds with something the target can observe to be false (e.g. “This rock is actually gold”), then they can overcome the effects of this spell with an Intelligence stress roll of 9+. When the spell ends, the target will realize their error.
“These are not the soldiers you are looking for. We can go about our business. Move along …” Orbus describes many applications of this spell in encounters with town watch or soldiers, when more forceful approaches might only attract further ‘unwelcome attention’. He notes that whilst this spell only affects one person, it can occasionally influence more. If there is an established leader of the group, then generally he is the individual the Magus makes eye-contact with. Subordinates are often unlikely to question their leader’s judgment in front of others.

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