Pere Vilaro's Quarters

Character Sheet


Pere is taking over an estate in Palma that was formerly owned by a non-Hermetic sahir. The estate is an open square in the Moorish style - three 'wings' surrounding a courtyard lined with decorative archway entrances. The centerpiece of the courtyard is a large fountain topped with a marble statue of a beautiful woman, rumored to be modeled after the Moroccan goddess/demon Qandisa. The house is duplicated in a regio, in which Pere has his lab, sanctum, and various mundane valuables he hides from his business partners. In addition to the higher regio level which links to Sa Dragonera, there is also at least one higher level of the regio of which Pere is completely unaware. It is harder to access than the other levels and holds some kind of lost knowledge or treasure left by the sahir.


Journeyman +0
Manor House +0
Strong Aura +3
Controlled Regio +1
Special Feature (statue of Qandisa) +1
Hidden Resources (in higher regio level) +1
Private Income (x2) +2
Increased Staff +1
Informants/Agents +1
Local Ally (TBD) +1


Inland -1
Urban/City -3
Uncontrolled Regio -1



Size +3, Refinement 0, General Quality +2, Upkeep +2, Safety 0, Warping +2, Health +1, Aesthetics +5


Items +1, Texts +1, Rego +1, Ignem +1, Imaginem +1, Mentem +1


Regio (+3 Size, +1 Warping)
Gateway (-1 Safety, +1 Aesthetics, +1 Rego)
Magical Lighting (+1 Aesthetics, +1 Texts [not used], +1 Imaginem)
Magical Heating (+1 Health, +1 Aesthetics, +1 Ignem)
Superior Construction (+1 Safety, +1 Aesthetics)
Superior Tools (+1 Upkeep, +1 Safety, +1 Items)
Servant (+1 Safety, +1 Aesthetics, +1 Mentem)
Flawless Equipment (+2 General Quality, +2 Upkeep, +2 Vis Extraction)


Thoroughfare (-1 Safety)
Missing Ingredients - Au/Ig (-1 Upkeep)
Predecessor (-1 Safety, +1 Warping, +1 Experimentation [not used])

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